debugging electronics 

Having more than the oscilloscope's four channels really helps.

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OH: (bzgl unbequeme Kirchenbänke) Ne Kirche ist kein Wohnzimmer. Muss schon weh tun, damit es hilft.

Wie können diese beiden Orte 300km auseinander sein? Das ist doch alles Mittelwestdeutschland!

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how many genders are there? 

- 2 Common genders everyone gets in the starter pack
- 3-5 Rare genders you’ll probably have picked up if you’ve been playing for a while
- an unknown number of Epic & Legendary genders that most players have never even seen
- a theoretically infinite number of Crafted genders

TIL 588 ist eine weirde Schreibweise für 36

debugging electronics 

Hello, who are you and what are you doing on my SPI bus?

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@s0 @Cheatha @MacLemon @betalars @ripper Well.. I shit you not: I had a different fruit at hand and this toot was sent via apple technology! Surprisingly good bandwidth. When I pulled the wire out of the apple my modem lost sync immediately.

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How do I get that bird out of my room? It's dark outside, so I guess it can't see that there even is an "outside".

Got a very cheap used plane. That plane iron will need quite some work

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Can someone tell me why these two keymaps are different? And maybe why? The lower one seems to break my initramfs.

A 68040¹ CPU card from an Amiga 4000.

(¹ now about 34788 €)

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