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my new podcast, “the art of asking everything”, is here. conversations with incredible people about the big stuff. please subscribe & get ready to listen, laugh, cringe, cry and hopefully...feel less alone.
here’s a linktree with all the ways to subscribe linktr.ee/AskingEverything

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The Podfather ⁦@adamcurry@twitter.com⁩ created the first global podcast index, which became what Apple uses for iTunes today. He’s doing it again because…we need an alternative not in the hands of Silly Con Valley. ⁦@joeisanerd@twitter.com⁩ please add to iCatcher. podcastindex.org/

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-Adam's Birthday!🎂
-12 hour JRE experience.
-Mind-blowing FedNow explanation.
-Pelosi must resign!
-RFK kicks it up a notch.
-Australia is off the deep-end.
-Parents, stop spying on remote learning!
-Debate fact checks?
-Very disturbing supercut.
-Mastadon apps being removed.☹️ twitter.com/adamcurry/status/1

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This podcast is online education that is actually effective. Review the past episodes and learn at your own pace. No zoom call required!

Always outstanding. twitter.com/adamcurry/status/1

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BREAKING: Joe Biden and fellow "liberals" once again throw mentally ill people under the bus by conflating mental illness with violence rather than addressing the fact white supremacy motivates CueAnon believers more than anything twitter.com/HKrassenstein/stat

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Was ich im Zusammenhang mit der Pandemie immer wieder überlege, ist dies: wie sich die gesundheitliche Konstitution durch diese Monate in keimfreien Umgebungen verändert.

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If those who are in law enforcement don’t have the utmost restraint when it comes to using deadly force, tragedies occur. Is there a risk to hesitating? Absolutely. It’s a dangerous endeavor.

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The Social Dilemma | Official Trailer | Netflix youtu.be/uaaC57tcci0 via @YouTube@twitter.com

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ich übersetze das schild mal: lieber sollen alte und vorerkrankte an corona sterben und die nazis denen ich hier den rücken stärke linke und migranten abknallen, als dass ich im lidl eine maske tragen und mir öfter als gewohnt die hände waschen muss

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