LaTeX, Fonts 

Ich mag serifen-Fonts in Fließtexten nicht besonders.

Noch weniger mag ich die Standard serifenlose Font in LaTeX.

Am wenigsten mag in den Aufwand eine Font, die ich mag in ein LaTeX Dokument zu bekommen.

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Are your kids texting about texting?

SMS - short message service
GSM - global system for mobiles
CDMA - code division multiple access
TMDA - time division multiple access
SIM - subscriber identity module
GPRS - general packet radio service
BTS - base transceiver station

Ich hätte auch ein Ticket für die @hackimpott für 23€ abzugeben aufgrund von kollidierenden Terminen.

@sandzwerg Weißt du noch, was es auf dem Camp als veganen Parmesan Ersatz für die Bolognese gab, und wo ich das herbekomme? 🙂
Sry falls es schon irgendwo steht und ich nur zu verteilt bin, das zu finden 😬

@c3voc FYI Die "totale" Kamera (die ohne Engel am Audio-Mischpult) in Saal Ada blinkt schnell. Vielleicht Speicherkarte voll oder so?

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reminder that women are violently kept out of tech and if you are a dude in tech you should be doing something about that

- pay us
- don't support projects run by shitbags
- invite us to speak
- call out other dudes not doing those first three things

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Such a good video about why Stranger Things S3 sucks and how harmful Hopper's development is.
I'm still so bitter about that, ugh.

iOS 13 Beta 

Ich spiele mit dem Gedanken mir die aktuelle Beta zu installieren. Hat jemand inzwischen Erfahrung, wie stable die ist?

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Hallo! Wir haben eben eine Stellenausschreibung für unser pretix-Team veröffentlicht. Hast du Lust, mit mir und meinen großartigen Kollegen daran zu arbeiten, unser Ticketsystem weiter zu verbreiten? Dann freu ich mich, von dir zu hören!


Hmm stellt sich raus, dass man in Italien Zeckenzangen nur auf bestellung in der Apotheke bekommt.

In DE hab ich die aber auch schon im Drogeriemarkt gesehen, oder?

Aus der Reihe: Seltsame UI-Fails: Ein Zeitpicker mit falschen Emojis als +- Symbole

Today I‘m gonna finally visit the beautiful filming locations of „Call me by your Name“ near Crema 😊

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Here are some cool lies to tell at parties:

1. You were once in a cult (keep details vague, some people are cult experts)
2. You once stole your brother's army uniform to get the Denny's vetran's discount (describe it as "that time I got a good racket going)
3. Claim to have worked in the tupperware industry (decline to show your tupper ware burns)
4. Say that you were born with a tail which your parents let grow until you wre 13 (you still have it in a jar)

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Tupperware Knobi-Chef, oder: Der Mythos der leicht zu reinigenden Knoblauchpresse. *wo ist mein Knoblauch Emoji?*

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Good morning, lovely people.

Especially on this day, we cis, binary, straight people need to burst the bubble of our privileges and pay attention to the ways we let exclusionism, prejudice, and discrimination creep into our language and our behaviour. We have still a lot to learn and a lot to improve.

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vegetarian food and meat substitutes – a long thread 

So whether or not you're vegetarian or vegan, cutting down on your meat intake is a good idea for various reasons – high among them being environmental concerns and overuse of antibiotics on farms. It would be foolish to think otherwise.

The thing is, some cultures have been using meat substitutes in food for centuries. Either for religious reasons, like some schools of Buddhism, or among people who don't always have access to meat. So it can be worth following their example.

Humans are not evolved to be herbivores, and I really don't like all the people who say "go vegan" without also telling people exactly what that means. So in case anyone finds it useful, here's a little thread about meat substitutes to include in your diet, and nutrients to make sure you're getting enough of!

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Dear Game of Thrones fans. Please hide your responses on last nights episode behind CW's.
Sincerely fans from Europe who cannot watch it at air time which is 3 am, and are looking forward to watching it soon.
Thanks! #FansLoveFans

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Aweigh looks like so much fun to play around with. Also: literally solarpunk.

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