Tip for road users: traffic lights tell you the difficulty level of the upcoming intersection. Green is like tutorial level, anyone can go. Amber is advanced, most experienced motorists will go on that colour. Red is for extra hard difficulty, go if you enjoy a real challenge on the road e.g. cyclists

I'm also not advocating Anarchism. Anarchism isn't stable in a society above the design size of a village, and the world is a lot bigger than 250 people. I'm saying that the government should fear it's citizens, not the other way around. We need a small government that focuses on providing services that are necessary and are not properly provided by a market economy, and that otherwise keeps it's nose out of people's business.

To those in power, I say: Last. Chance. Unfuck yourself.


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When every single cop has to worry, has to think "If I fuck this guy up, maybe I'll catch a bullet"... don't you think that might give them pause?

I say this as someone who's seen combat, who has killed, who to this day still wakes up screaming every so often: It may be time to protest from the rooftops. I'm not saying armed insurrection, don't just go out and shoot cops, but be ready to defend the life and liberty of another against government overreach.


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Since everybody is doing these, a statement on the whole Black Lives Matter thing:

Yup, they do. Sadly, oppression is the natural product of a strong state, because power draws assholes. Reduce state power in the long term, and in the short term enhance your own. Arm yourself. Be more than a witness to injustice, do something about it.

Talking didn't work.
Protesting didn't work.
Voting didn't work.
The courts didn't work.


Mörderische Religioten 

Die örtlichen Taliban von der Evangeliums-Christen-Baptisten-Gemeinde werben per Flyer im Briefkasten für ihre Gottesdienste ausgerechnet an dem Tag, wo bekannt wird, dass sich bei einem ihrer Gottesdienste dutzende Leute mit Covid-19 infiziert haben. ES GEHT UM MEHR ALS DAS CORONAVIRUS. DIES IST DER HIMMEL!

Einfach mal lecker essen. Salat, Spargel, Kartoffeln, Steak Hollandaise (medium rare), und Cocktails.

Hashtag gourmet Hashtag Selbstprofilierung Hashtag Hobbykoch und so.

@LittleAlex Sadly, many people can't afford that, mostly due to employers that don't give a shit.


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