@BioHackerBI Such changes are even possible to smaller cars. But you have to solve two problems at least: Heating and cover the windows. Specially the front windows will be difficult. But i would love to do that :D

@SebiPanther @BioHackerBI The front windows are equipped with jammed-in towels (for a quick escape if something nearby catches fire, many places require the vehicle to be drivable while in camping mode), and the windscreen is a cheap silver foil thingy. Open both front doors real quick, open both front windows, and off you go. Heating is a quiet (really!) 1kW space heater.

@BioHackerBI The idea with the foil is ok, but it will left some slits to look through. Whats the power source for the heater?

@SebiPanther @BioHackerBI Power source is external. This is strictly for Chaos events, and those have fiber-to-the-tent, never mind 220VAC.

The gaps are there, but small. I'm thinking tape.

@SebiPanther Oh, and while this sort of thing is possible with smaller cars, I don't think it'd work for two people, both of whom are a bit... ahem... starvation-resistant.

@BioHackerBI Never underestimate small cars - this was a feature of the original twingo design:

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