Well rested and a new day. Zoé @uint8_t is pasting the boards and I'm already starting placement of the components.
This time: a custom single board computer power supply with power measurement and CAN for control and metrics.
It will be powered by an ATX PSU's 12V rail.

165 decoupling and filter caps later...
Well, that's the 100nF caps. It dies have something good that there's less different components on this design.

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@ln Since you post about it so much: I got a design project dumped on me, and I'm kinda sinking. Can you point me at any good resources to learn basic circuit design/layout?

@BioHackerBI i can't unfortunately... i learned everything from Zoé, but maybe she can help /cc @uint8_t

@ln @BioHackerBI unfortunately I don't have any go-to high quality sources I can recommend, and researching it would take energy I don't have right now.

@BioHackerBI @ln just for the using KiCAD for pcbdesign part I can recommend this series invidio.us/watch?v=vaCVh2SAZY4 (YouTube). But that still requires some knowledge of electronics engineering basics.

@BioHackerBI @ln @uint8_t @dwagenk

If you just want to get your first design done, David Jones has written a compact tutorial:
I can also recommend his youtube channel, which has a lot of content on PCB design and electronics in general:
Another youtube channel is Contextual Electronics, they have a lot of KiCad related videos and tutorials:

If you want in more technical, the IPC-2221 standard is also worth a look.

@marsue @ln @uint8_t @dwagenk Dave Jones is a name i recognize. I'll give that a try, thank you :)

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