Mit der Tochter in einer Lego-Ausstellung, unter Anderen war da ein Bisschen Star Wars. Mein Problem: Es wird nicht klar gezeigt wer zuerst geschossen hat. 0/10.

Kalender so: Is' Ostern.

Hackerspace Bielefeld so: <See attached image>

April 13th, 1204UTC, Bielefeld, Germany.

Snow. More than we got during winter tbh.

The FUCK?!?

Call me a hipster, but this stuff is skookum as frig. My all time favorite alcoholic beverage that doesn't involve hops.

There's one in every unit. Can't decide if this is awesome, stupid, or both.

@C3Gewerkschaft Erfolg! Es ist nicht mehr verboten, vom Beckenrand zu springen! Siehe Beweisfoto:

Life hack for all vacationing fishkeepers out there: 1.5ml Microtubes and a box, to give to the relative who will feed your fish while you're gone. Never come home to obese and/or dead fish again!

Whoever designed this toilet paper must hate sheep somethin' fierce.

My 5yo daughter just gave me a "laptop" she made for me. On one hand, it's sweet. On the other, this may be her way of saying that I spend too much time in front of a screen.

I propose a new SI unit for length: The Baby Shrimp.

It:s equivalent to roughly 5 millimeters.

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