@climagic another great part of documentation is this section in the xorg.conf manpage.

"You know humans will only tolerate us if we follow their rules," the vampire leader said.
"But it's fun, and edu-"
"Read the box."
"Um. Lego."
"4-99 years."
"You were made three hundred years ago. So stop it."
"This set only says 8+."
"Oh? That's fine."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

OH: „Wäre es nicht viel cooler wenn die @Telekom_hilft@twitter.com „Deutsche WAN“ heißen würde?“

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if you are having a thought that is making you sad i will chase it away for you!
*runs around you jumping and batting at the air a lot*
go away! grrr!

Ich könnte Euch jetzt was über Zeitreisen erzählen ...

... aber das habt ihr mir ja schon 2019 nich geglaubt ... *seufz

me taking all my electronic devices out of the airport security bin after being scanned

{:~ Worried mastodon
[°]~ Cyborg mastodon
m~ Facepalming mastodon
:~* Mastodon kiss

:~- Mastodon having a cold
P~ Pirate mastodon
|:~ Serious mastodon
~: Nodotsam

:~ Mastodon
:'~ Sad mastodon
B~ Cool mastodon
0:~ Holy mastodon

What you possibly didn't know: each Mastodon account has an RSS feed; just add ".rss" to the end of your URL, e.g. mastodon.social/@jpmens.rss for my timeline at mastodon.social/@jpmens

Today's educational research:

The skulls of your enemies *are* dishwasher-safe, IF AND ONLY IF you turn off the heat cycle.

@zauberlaus_ Vacum Decay wäre ein super name für eine Pysiker Metall Band

Ein Paddel mit der Aufschrift "Spank you very much" schenkt man am besten zu Spanks Giving.

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