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Welche in-ear BT Kopfhörer will man für ca. 40 Geld kaufen?

"Es ist eine Beleidigung des Verstandes, wenn sich eine Gesellschaft mit der Begründung zufrieden gibt, das Sitzen Einzelner auf Parkbänken im Münchener Olympiapark sei verboten, weil es der Gruppenbildung Vorschub leiste.“

Ableismus, Coronavirus 

Hat gerade übelste 90s Raving Vibes, Dank @Bobo_PK <3

I can't stop raving.

I need to cover this on Nanoloop. Gives me goosebumps even 25 years later. I remember singing this during the last in Karlsruhe and we switched the lyrics to . We had snuck into the parade as waggon 23+ and had a blast.

Hat wer von euch schon mal was mit Indoor Positioning auf Bluetooth-Basis gemacht?

I hope you had fun listening. I had a lot of fun playing. If I can find my webcam I'll probably do a live session where I show some basics on how to build a song in the future.

25 minutes until I'll stream on
I wanted to prepare the set a little more but got caught on installing my projector to the cealing all day. It is done but I havent touched my music in 3 month and in advance apologice for rough switches.

Tonight 04.04.2020 @ 20:20 CET I'll play using my Game Boys and 1+2. Tune in
It will be a solidarity concert for the Universum Cinema in my city. So if you have a few dimes left:

Compilation of all of the inaccurate, contradictory things that Dr. Drew has said about coronavirus - YouTube 

Kenne ich einen Menschen bei der Telekom, der Einblick in die Ausbauplanung in Berlin hat?

Oder einen Menschen, der einen Menschen kennt?

Ich würde gerne lieber der Telekom Geld für DSL als Vodafone für Kabel geben.

Gerne auch per DM :)

Here's an ironic discovery I just made: Germany blocks Project Gutenberg! Whut?!??
"We apologize for this inconvenience. Your IP address has been automatically blocked from accessing the Project Gutenberg website, This is because the geoIP database shows your address is in the country of Germany."
"Project Gutenberg believes the Court has no jurisdiction over the matter, but until the issue is resolved, it will comply." 60,000 free eBooks

We're sorry, Zoom is becoming a bit of a punching bag - but, like Facebook, they choose their own business practices and we all can disagree with those questionable choices. So do SpaceX and NASA... They have banned the use of Zoom.

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