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The recording gods where with me. Here is the set from yesterday
A few things I have never played before and since I am still not using the tracker all mixes vary on the loops I pick during the session.

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@verbraucherzentrale_sh Am Ende spielt es nichtmal eine Rolle, ob **ich** es nutzen würde... weil die entsprechende Hardware an jeder Kasse verbaut werden wird.
Und 5 Jahre später kommt dann raus, dass so oder so alle erfasst werden - Dann gibt es einen "ups"-Moment und einen Haufen Leute, die sagen "war doch klar!".

Also, eigentlich alles wie immer. Nur, dass manche Leute sich wundern werden, warum es keine Punkte-/Bonuskarten mehr gibt.

“Mastercard’s biometric checkout system will provide customers facial recognition-based payments, by linking the biometric authentication systems of a number of third-party companies with Mastercard’s own payment systems.”

Yeah, no.

#mastercard #facialRecognition #biometrics #whatCouldPossiblyGoWrong #heyJustChangeYourFace

Wollte mal kurz drüben gucken ob es da andere Stimmen zur gab.

Auf gibt es jetzt eine Filter-Option, um nur Züge des Nah- und Regionalverkehrs anzuzeigen

YouTubeDrive is a Wolfram Language (aka Mathematica) package that encodes/decodes arbitrary data to/from simple RGB videos which are automatically uploaded to/downloaded from YouTube. Since YouTube imposes no limits on the total number or length of videos users can upload, this provides an effectively infinite but extremely slow form of file storage.

Are you ready for @
I have to admit that the new version 2.8.6 is a little bit different to my 2.7.9 and the new manual is not out yet so I have not found every filter/option


Polizei setzt Handy-Erkennungskamera gegen Autofahrer ein

In Rheinland-Pfalz werden Handynutzer am Steuer eines Autos automatisch erkannt.

We had a lot of fun at . Sadly our numbers arrived a bit too late to be included in the infrastructure review.

We estimate that you wrote about 350 postcards which we delivered to or will deliver to future events.

In the online office you submitted 69 postcards to be delivered at the event and 42(!) to be delivered at future events such as @mch2022camp and the next @easterhegg .

Boosts welcome! I'm trying to use a rpi as a usb midi host. Has anyone experience with this? I've tried using blokas "patch os" and midi routing with modep. Unfortunately I had noticable delays (irregular hihat pattern)... I also tried routing directly with jack. And using a rpi 4 instead of a rpi 3. My goal is to control (and power) different hw synths with a squarp pyramid (also usb midi).

#linuxaudio #musicproduction #jackaudio #alsa

Den ganzen Morgen nicht ins VPN gekommen. Der Hardwaretoken sendet nur noch Return und kein OTP mehr... :thisisfine:

just as foretold, within 10 minutes a barefoot nerd emerged from the tram, ran to us, and quickly handed over a 3 meter long postcard, as shown here

(photo taken shortly after delivery)

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What a day. I played 2 hours for the kitchen trolls, 3 songs + interview on Querfunk (Radio), a 18 minute nano set in the lounge on a massive setup with awesome visuals and two songs this morning as a good bye for the bar trolls. I also met people that I had missed the first two days entirely.

Thank you little hacker for pumping up the inflatable couch. You are awesome and your Mum needs to send me your address so I can send you Pesthörnchen stickers.

was a blast!

I didn't know you could tape these "no postage necessary" flyers [envelopes] to boxes. This is a game changer.

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