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Bobo_PK 🦄 @Bobo_PK

Do you think they used the opportunity to dig in and spread fibreoptics? Of course not.

@Bobo_PK Breitbandausbau!!!1!!! -Bundesregierung

OMG FLÜCHTLINGE!!!!!!111!!! - auch Bundesregierung

The actual form to apply f something like that haven't been invented yet so.. There. You. Go.

@Bobo_PK This needs to be a basic requirement for street digging permissions. 6 people per 1mio citizens just figuring out the planning, deploying communal fibers... coordinating. 10 years later, we’ll have fiber rings for neglectable budget, owned by the commune enabled by the many people who anyway have to open the streets.

@Bobo_PK that was not scheduled. Spontaneous actions will break Ordnung.