Please boost if you have attended any chaos event yet or are planning on going to . I would just like to see how big of a meetup it might be. I am also interested in the local Erfa you feel related to. I would like to see a few more hackspaces and meet awesome people. In my city there is none, so Entropia in Karlsruhe is kind of my fosterhome with sooo many lovely nerds @couchsofa @twi @herrbett etc.

@flowfx @RaumZeitLabor sure :-) I had my first cryptoparty there, as a visitor. Went back and hosted some for other folks in my city. I liked the LED Ikea illuminazed boxes a lot.

@Cheatha @flowfx @RaumZeitLabor war nen ticken später. Der Vortrag lief in ner art Klassenzimmer. Danach wurde in MacOS, Windows und Linux unterteilt. Ich hatte en blaues Shirt mit Chaosknoten/Datenknoten™ an und hatte schon nen Schlüssel aber offene Fragen zu Keyservern und Pubkeys. DSL war an dem Tag wohl etwas knapp mit 6 oder 16k. Aber ja ich kenn euch länger als ihr mich :-* :thisisfine:

@Bobo_PK @flowfx Illuminated LED Ikea boxes? That sounds as if you visited the CCC Mannheim and not @RaumZeitLabor

@Bobo_PK Kommste am Wochenende zu Besuch! Freitag und Samstag ist Brückenaward am Neckar. Und das @RaumZeitLabor ist auch hier.

@flowfx @RaumZeitLabor Freitag oder Samstag ist Geburtstagsparty aber einer davon, joa kein WE daheim :-D

@blabber @flowfx @RaumZeitLabor turns out it takes a few years and a toot to notice there is Raumzeitlabor in Mannheim and a CCC Mannheim. *mindblown*

@Bobo_PK No local erfa at the moment. Or at least none that I feel related to.

@Bobo_PK I got no local erfa, the most local is the Hamburg one. Maybe Hannover, but the north is more what I like.

@chpietsch @Digitalcourage for me it does because I met them at congress the first time and they seem related to the "Dunstkreis"

@Bobo_PK Were you at the Mastodon meetup at 34C3, organized by @leah?

@elomatreb @leah no I missed :-( it because I was to busy at 1Komona. But I was at the GPN18 meetup. I am trying to get an impression on how many ccc-people are already tootlings because a lot of them are interesting to follow

@Bobo_PK @herrbett @couchsofa not really a hackerspace and also not really an erfa, but the local group i feel related to is the noname-ev, aka chaostreff heidelberg :)

@Bobo_PK NoName e.V. (as in Chaostreff Heidelberg) 😉

@Bobo_PK Have you been to W17 (CCC Darmstadt) already?

@Bobo_PK I loosely associate with Leitstelle511, Hanover's Erfa. See also:

@Bobo_PK Not sure if I can make it to the congress, but I will be at MRMCD.
Also a member of NoName e.V. (aka Chaostreff Heidelberg). :)

@scabux oh nice. See did not know about Heidelberg having one. Thank you very much.

@Bobo_PK As @NHG already pointed out, it is not really a hackerspace. But we meet weekly in a room at uni and it is a group of very nice people. Every week somebody gives a short talk ("Chaotische Viertelstunde" aka c¼h), we order pizza and chat a bit.

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