The police is playing copyright protected songs so that you can not live stream them because of on big social media platforms.

What a fucking dystopia.

@Bobo_PK do the officers have a permit to broadcast that copyrighted music in public? Even when there is no intention of profit, they require a license to use that music.

@Indus3 @Bobo_PK I mean, seriously, if you think the specifics of copyright law is in any way relevant in this situation you are really missing the point of why police are doing this.

They are utilizing overly-zealous anti-piracy algorithms to prevent people from sharing evidence of them breaking the law.

@kekcoin @Indus3 @Bobo_PK Seems a bit lame, though. Can't sound be muted on a stream?

@tagomago @Indus3 @Bobo_PK not much help if you're trying to record verbal interactions.

@kekcoin @Indus3 @Bobo_PK Not that they tend to be crucial. Also, they may prevent streamings, but not recordings, which renders this technique pretty useless.

@tagomago @Indus3 @Bobo_PK recordings are easier to confiscate/delete. If you livestream you can get the message out before a police officer can attack you and destroy your phone. And note that this tactic is not limited to police.

@kekcoin @Indus3 @Bobo_PK But this is so speculative. The post is embedded from Instagram on the article. So I guess it's actually ineffective?

@tagomago @Indus3 @Bobo_PK your reasoning is backwards. I don't have the time or motivation for a discussion with someone who views a documented attempt to undocument as evidence undocumentation doesn't occur.

@kekcoin @Indus3 @Bobo_PK Sorry for expecting evidence and logic before believing, I guess.

@kekcoin @Bobo_PK nope, just pointing out the silliness of IP laws or any law for that matter

@Bobo_PK Recording video needs frequency filters much like hearing aids.

@jens @Bobo_PK

that may not prevent copyright detector software, it increasingly works even in situations with heavy background noise and filtered frequencies. Its worse as BLM and other left groups have had their protest streams blocked even without cops getting involved as they have played music on their own sound systems and the DJ selects something that triggers copyright (even modern "right on" pop artists still choose to sign to major labels)

@vfrmedia @Bobo_PK I'm not an expert, really, but that would make copyright increasingly hard to defend. I do however know that you can do a lot of extensive filtering on mobile devices, so I'm pretty sure one can come up with a solution to this.

@jens @vfrmedia automated uploadfilters will always strike on innocent. Copy right is a bad joke, and yes I work for a company that writes propriatary software...

@Bobo_PK @jens

it is not a problem that can be solved by tech without causing other issues - I sometimes do broadcast and AV engineering, the thought of deliberately limiting the frequency response of high quality source content is jarrring.

The copyright law needs to be reformed except its gone the other way even in UK/Europe - it was causing trouble to DJs, gamers and smaller content producers long before these higher stakes political incidents happened >>

@Bobo_PK @jens

there needs to be a proper fair use law implemented worldwide (it is clear that a political protest is not a pop concert; and any music played there by anyone is incidental rather than a direct part of the event).

Also if possible new/young artists need to promote independently of big labels and rights organisations (which is difficult as here in UK PRS/PPL is heavily lobbying them to join up, with the BBC giving the copyright org free publicity to recruit)

@vfrmedia @Bobo_PK I'm still weirded out that the German rights management organisation GEMA has such a position that artists have to *opt out* of being represented by them.

@jens @Bobo_PK the whole thing is flawed, and worse with streaming media - there seem to be hundreds of rights groups including startup companies all chasing after 0,00001€ when they hear a second of music..

Presumably though the Polizei don't play Schlager through loudspeakers at German protests as they know it will cause a shitstorm and the law may not be as much on their side, or is livestreaming a protest against the privacy laws to start with?

@vfrmedia @Bobo_PK so far, we're not quite at the US level yet. I haven't heard of police playing music. Might be a violation of the rules against noise making. We have rules for everything, after all!

@jens @vfrmedia @Bobo_PK

Copyright is property and defending property is a job. And we all know whose job...

@Bobo_PK Public performance of copyrighted material? Doesn’t that make the officers liable to prosecution?

@Bobo_PK @bob cops around here claim the phone can be used as a "weapon" and demand you put it away.

@fazzah @Bobo_PK @bob I suppose a phone could be a weapon if it's one of those huge 6 inch flagships with a giant battery on the end of a selfie stick, and wielded with sufficient enthusiasm. Would be an expensive bludgeon though.

@Bobo_PK When you hear Imagine, you know shit's about to get real.

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