Me 2 years ago on Marktplaats: ✨ "Hi, I'm selling this fridge because it's going to be replaced by a bigger one. The price can be negotiated. It's in great condition as you can see from the 200 professional photos included. Here are the exact measurements to the millimeter. Let me know when you would like to pick it up, we could work out delivery. Have a great day!"✨

Me now on Marktplaats: ✨ "Cold box, no photos. Price is firm, only pick up between now and 5 min. Kindly go f*ck yourself." ✨

Good god I have so much stuff to sell. Anyone interested in a Nintendo64 with 4 controllers and like 25 games?


@dallin @Gina it is PAL an 50Hz.I am just mentioning it because I am interested as well 😊

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@Bobo_PK @dallin @Gina not just that, but the power brick will likely be a different voltage, with NL operating at 230V.

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