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Erinnert ihr euch, dass ich kürzlich #TeaHub erwähnte? Schaut selbst, die ersten Details sind jetzt öffentlich:

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#GitPub is a decentralized federation protocol based on the W3C's #ActivityPub, which extends #ActivityStream 2.0. It provides a server to server API for pull request, forking and subscription of repositories provided by #Git web services (services like #GitHub, #GitLab, #Gogs, #Gitea)... No code yet, but I like the idea! 🙂

I'll be talking about @fdroidorg tomorrow night at afra in Berlin:

The talk will be focussing on the fdroid data workflow.
(Space is very limited I think...)

@rudloff Do you know any RFP that I could walk through in a talk I'm giving on Friday. (With preparation of course, but I thought working through a real app submission during the talk might be a nice touch :-))

Or are there no easy ones left? ;-)

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Sowas ist doppeldeutig:
(Review für eine Kalorienzähler App)
Zitat: "Man musste sich also für das Tracking eine neue App suchen."
Das ist absolut gelungen. Ein Blick auf die verwendeten Bibliotheken: 10 Werbemodule (darunter Granaten wie inMobi, Millenial und Mopub), Firebase, 3x Analytics (Crashlytics, Flurry, Moat), und mehr.
Na dann: Happy Tracking!

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F-Droid index just got updated. The @Fairphone launcher 3 can now be installed on lineage based ROMs as well. Also #riot got updated to v0.8.10. It can now send stickers!

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#Mastalab is now moved to #GitLab



Crowdin has been updated to work with GitLab.

My small other projects and those I contribute, have also been moved.

Let's fix bugs on GitLab now!

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@rudloff I won't have time to do anything in fdroiddata until probably next weekend. (9th of June) So feel free to merge anything you feel you don't need more feedback.

Just pushed the (very much hacked together) source here:

In contrast to their official app it's fully offline capable. Also includes pdf maps of the areas which giggity can cache for offline viewing.

Finished up the Rock im Park/Rock am Ring compatible schedules. Find them here:

Well, location seems to work:

Do I need location or category for the different tracks? 🤔

Got a very rough import of the schedule into working.

Was about 10 minutes of work and an hour fighting date formats...