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In Spanish, if you end a sentence with the 🙂 emoji, you have to start it with the 🙃 emoji

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Wir freuen uns zu sehen, dass die #Tagesschau ihr eigenes #FDroid Repo betreibt:

Das ist ein großartiger Schritt in die richtige Richtung! Das Repo enthält die offizielle App der Tagesschau, die leider nicht frei und quelloffen ist, obwohl sie durch Steuergelder finanziert wird.

Wenn es sich um öffentliche Gelder handelt, sollte auch der Code öffentlich sein! #PublicCode

(To everyone who responded to this: I can tell you if everything arrived after I'm back in October :-))

Alright, I'll be on vacation the next few weeks. While I might be able to get internet connectivity part of the time, I'll deliberately try to step away from any communication channels.

*goes on to uninstall Tusky, Mastalab and a few messaging apps*

Updating to a beta release 1 day before a hiking vacation.. what could possibly go wrong... ;-)

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Submitted app to . Should be available there in a few days.

I wish github had confidential issues like Gitlab... 😕

Got my own signing keys whitelisted in my privilidged extension build now. 😃

On another note: I could really use some test/development phones for related stuff. Anyone got an old Android phone lying around they would like to donate?

Doesn't matter much what version or flavour of android they are running as long as touchscreen/display/WiFi is still working they could be useful.

Has someone got a template text to send to companies/organizations why they should open source their apps and add them to ?

Maybe we should write some and put it on somewhere 🤔.

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If you're a developer, you should really watch this: "How we fit an NES game into 40 Kilobytes"

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We just published a guest blog post by @Tutanota detailing their journey to provide a google free push notification service for their users:

Thanks a lot for going that way and for writing it up in a very interesting post as well!

Download progress - also check.

Additionally broken right now: repo management screen, notifications, search. 🙈

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Friendly reminder: In a world where so many people are cruel for the sake of it, the most punk thing you can do is to be kind without expecting anything in return.

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