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Seit dem #Huawei "debakel" heulen alle rum, es gäbe ja keine Alternativen und bla bla ... Bei heise hab ich sogar in den Kommentaren so was gelesen wie "ein Ubuntu für Smartphone wäre nicht schlecht" ... Hallo! Kommt mal unter euren Steinen hervor und interessiert euch für das, was ihr benutzt! Da gibt es schon Alternativen: Sailfish und Ubuntu Touch z.B. ... Aber Alternativen werden ja gerne so lange ignoriert, bis sie wieder eingestellt werden, weil jeder mit dem Strom schwimmen will 🙄

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EU elections - please vote! Show more

The only thing that's still really missing in that whole space is fedeartion between all the project hosting instances out there, so you don't need the network effect of or github anymore.

I think gitlab will be happy to integrate this (there's a lot of talk in their issue trackers about this already). I wonder if github ever would. It could totally undermine their position as the "place where everyone already is", because that wouldn't matter anymore.

Having been involved in the project in the last 3 years I've used a lot during this time.

Not only do I find it more intuitive to use by now (and github is slowly copying features that gitlab introduced years ago), it also really makes a difference that the development of gitlab itself is open.

Got an bug/feature request? Jump into the issue tracker and help shape the discussion about it. Or someone might even jump in and provide an implementation for it.

I'm *really* not happy about the project (
It'll bind a lot of open source project much more strongly to github's closed, proprietary ecosystem if that's where they have any chance of getting some money.

It's so hypocritical that soo many projects are hosted on a non-free platform. With there's even a superior just as easy to use alternative there.

And most people are celebrating this move by github 😢.

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Warum die EU Wahl für Weddinger wichtig ist

Auch ich hab keen Bock, dass mir meine Hood von rechten Spinnern kaputt gemacht wird. #berlin #wedding #gesundbrunnen

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It's still on Google Play, but the developer is charging a couple of dollars for it.

It is ok for developers to charge for their work.

Paying people for their work is a much more ethical model than trackers and ads.

Wow, this really captures a lot of my thoughts pretty much perfectly:

The struggles of an open source maintainer

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We just updated our Twitter crossposter and profile, inspired by

Posted this on Twitter:

> Some updates to our Twitter usage: We won't be crossposting any RT from @MastodonProject here anymore. We'll also delete old tweets occasionally. We won't read or reply to any messages here.

> For a better experience join us in the #Fediverse

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@mondstern @fdroidorg Whenever I see the F-Droid icon, I think of a washing machine robot.
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Microsoft patcht "wormable" Sicherheitslücke in Windows XP, 7 und Windows 2003.

Schwachstelle lässt sich über das weit verbreitete Remote Desktop Protokoll (RDP) ausnutzen. Da werden wohl einige Systeme bald die »Grätsche« machen:
- Remote-Angriff
- Keine vorige User-Authentifizierung notwendig
- Ausführen von beliebigen Code auf Zielsystem

Das ist eine 11 auf der Skala bis 10.

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@Tusky the disappearing toots bug is not fixed yet, right?

7 released!

Tusky (A multi account client for the social network Mastodon) -

Somehow it still feels more natural writing sql queries to me than working with orm.

For more complex things I tend to write the SQL and then try to translate it to some SQLAlchemy construct... 🤔
I feel this isn't really the intended usage scenario.

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Are you not feeling motivated to go outside for a healthy walk? How about downloading the application StreetComplete from @fdroidorg and start helping out OpenStreetMap by adding missing data about the places around you!

I started today and it made my daily walks a lot more fun! It also motivates me to walk even more and visit new places that I wouldn't visit otherwise. :)

#OpenStreetMap #OpenData #Fdroid

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