I really like but oh boy, ( is really, really fast and slick. Both in rendering and navigation.

Not quite as featureful as OSMAnd though, I'll probably use both in the future.

(Update coming to your local @fdroidorg repo soon)

@Bubu @fdroidorg i also use and . Would be great to share the same favourite POIs between them but guess that's not possible?

@mahibi @fdroidorg I don't know probably not out of the box. is a fork already so implementing some sort of compatibility would probably be easier there. Also osmand has an api for pois if I remember correctly?

@Bubu @fdroidorg wow, so good! I never understood why the rendering performance of Osmand is so miserable. I mean, my phone is more powerful than most laptops a few years ago...


What features does it lack. Asking for a friend, who is me, and is curious.


@RussSharek @fdroidorg custom routing engines (BRouter!), different map styles (hiking, etc.), offline wikipedia data, using online (tile) maps and navigation if you need to, probably quite a few more. has a lot of features :-)

@RussSharek @fdroidorg oh and up to hourly osm data updates through osmand live :-)


Thank you for the mini review. I've not set up a new map on my phone since I installed lineage. Might have to look into these


OSMAnd has A LOT of features. Be sure to click on all the things. Don't worry about the plugins at first, just get to know the standard features.
@Bubu @fdroidorg

You can try OSMAnd for free. It's full featured. The only difference between the free, and full versions is that you are limited to six downloads. This means (in the US for example) six States, once, or one state and five updates (or some combination).
@Bubu @fdroidorg

@Bubu @fdroidorg But Maps maps are outdated. In my region, there is more than 6 months lag over the Osm data. This is a big no-go, even if the app itself is nice.

@Bubu @fdroidorg Yeas, #Maps is *way* faster on my old device (Snapdragon 808). Also, it has smoother zooming, and shows more information at similar zoom level compared with #OSMAnd.

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