So is there actually any federated git-hosting solution on the horizon?

@Bubu I think there was a decentralized GitHub in ZeroNet

@Bubu Gitea and GitLab implementing ActivityPub for forks, MRs, commenting and the like would be awesome, indeed. Git itself is decentralized, after all. But I'm not aware of any such plans, though, 😕

@Bubu Is federating git hosting hard? It's by nature fairly trivial to get it to sync from place to place. The tricky part is distributing the other things that git{hub,lab} add - bug trackers, auth, etc - those are what really make them attractive.

@Bubu I think the best approach would be to make this part of git itself, not yet another potentially anoying web app. Sadly I'm not aware of anyone doing a MR/PR protocol for git. But there's a protocol for embedding issue tracking into git projects, which is pretty awesome in theory, didn't try using it yet.

@Bubu thinking about distributed MRs this could be as simple as sending a link eg:


Then one could get MRs via social media or whatever :D

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