Just bought another testing device from ebay. The Nokia 6.1 which will is currently on Android P and will get an update to Android Q later this year.

Fully paid for by the paypal balance gained from F-Droid liberapay donations. Big thanks to all who donated something there! 😍

Ugh! So the phone I bought turned out to contain all the accounts and data of the previous owner. Logged into WhatsApp, telegram, gmail, etc.

Not sure if I should just wipe it or try to contact the previous owner that this wasn't a great idea.

And also unsure if the strange google device protection thing will kick in, of I just reset it. 🤔

@Bubu are you sure it wasn't stolen? I would contact the previous owner, just to be sure...

@Matter though it doesn't make a lot of sense that whoever stole it didn't even try to reset the phone... 🤔


Reinstall android OS 😺 maybe your phone contains spywares...

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