I finally have a solution for opening (libre/MS) office documents on my Phone using only free software!

With Nextcloud, Collabora Online and the Nextcloud Android app.

Editing should work too but is a bit buggy on my Phone still.

@Bubu LibreOffice Viewer works too. Turn on the experimental features and editing is possible, but not fully supported.

@Xantulon Haven't tried that in a while, it always crashed on me in the past.

@Bubu I'm not a heavy user, but the viewer has never crashed, completely garbled a document view (not the document itself) but not crashed.

@Xantulon Tried again. It can't open documents from the nextcloud app, it's just eterna-spinning on loading the document.

Saving the document somewhere else makes it open. But it still crashed after 1s repeatedly.

(It's the same doc as in the screenshot, so hardly heavy use 😀 )

@Bubu huh. Well I'm a Nextcloud fan too, so go with what works. 😀

@Bubu @Xantulon Make sure you're using the daily, as the last release is ancient. 6.x has improved quite a bit.

@hrthu @Bubu I'm running LibreOffice Viewer alpha from F-Droid. It probably doesn't show up unless expert settings are enabled and unstable updates is checked .

@Bubu Its online, which I don't like. But is good to know if I ever have to use it.

@rimugu Yeah, there's libreoffice viewer for offline use. That has never reliably worked for me though 😞

@clarjon1 If you can run a docker container somewhere and follow it's really easy.

@etam haha, we discussed it in the replies above. It never really worked for me unfortunately, always crashing.

@Bubu I tried the Libreoffice Viewer…. It works quite well just for viewing documents.
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