I'm *really* not happy about the project (github.com/sponsors).
It'll bind a lot of open source project much more strongly to github's closed, proprietary ecosystem if that's where they have any chance of getting some money.

It's so hypocritical that soo many projects are hosted on a non-free platform. With there's even a superior just as easy to use alternative there.

And most people are celebrating this move by github 😢.


The only thing that's still really missing in that whole space is fedeartion between all the project hosting instances out there, so you don't need the network effect of gitlab.com or github anymore.

I think gitlab will be happy to integrate this (there's a lot of talk in their issue trackers about this already). I wonder if github ever would. It could totally undermine their position as the "place where everyone already is", because that wouldn't matter anymore.

@Bubu That's interesting. I hadn't heard of a federation possibility. That would be useful for the Redox OS instance, too.

@Bubu GitLab really has the deciding power on this. They need to choose a standard, and other git frontends will follow (gitea, gogs, etc)

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