We published a statement on our stance on neutrality of free software (and why we won't stay neutral in this case): f-droid.org/en/2019/07/16/stat


I have been a happy F-Droid user for a couple of years now and appreciate the hard work that has gone into the project. However this is a highly knee jerk reactionary position. Software platforms like compilers need to be content neutral. I don't want compilers or platforms telling me what apps I can or cannot get. I went to free software because I want to be free and not have a master lording over me in the digital realm.

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compiler = tool; fdroidclient = tool. f-droid.org repository = platform which always has been curated by volunteers.

You can add other people's repositories with different guidelines to your f-droid client.

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Yes they can have guidelines but when they pick and choose it makes me lose confidence in the project. I don't want anyone choosing for me or trying to hide the realities of the world from me, however dark they may be. The spirit of free software is with free speech, the ability to publish and modify. I reluctantly will have to support the forked version if it holds more to the ideals of software freedom.


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F-Droid maintainers have always made choices in what apps to include and what apps to work on to make them eligible for inclusion.

This is just (further) clarifying policies so you can make choices based on that. And you can already add other repo sources to the client.

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I can understand technical choices and licensing choices that go with the Free Software mission statement. I can not accept arbitrary political choices pushing for censorship mechanisms in code and the undermining of open standards and in open protocol clients.

@redsteakraw @fdroidorg there is nothing like this in any of the fdroid software. (Which includes fdroidclient, fdroidservertools, etc.)

@redsteakraw @fdroidorg or the repository format.
The only thing we are doing is clarifying what things will go into the fdroid.org repo and which things we are not comfortable with distributing.

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Marcus, so you aren't comfortable distributing a simple Mastodon client that conforms to the standard and is server neutral? This is silly as there are email apps that are server neutral and web browsers that are server neutral. Any tool can be abused, people ran other people over with cars in terrorist attacks car dealers didn't stop selling cars. If I fork Tusky and make similar changes would you accept it?

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