@brainblasted Re

The solution to them not listening to criticism seems "easy". Their proposed content moderation/policy seems to work if they are their own bubble (because there's no public content).

Sp defederate with them where you don't want their content incoming.

As I said I haven't really followed that discussion much, but now I'm wondering what is the federation status of

@Bubu federates with everyone by default. It’s not that there’s no public content, but all content is public.

@brainblasted Sorry, I meant the other way around, who does and doesn't federate with

I guess this was discussed already? What was the outcome of this?

@Bubu I don’t know the details of that. My instance does not, but the general consensus is that they are worth blocking. I don’t see how that relates to giving them as a gab-like platform hosting.

@brainblasted More questions, sorry to bother you with this...

Is their content publicly browsable/linkable? On their own site or via the fedaration on other instances?

@Bubu yes - you can link posts and profiles from their instance.

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