Who actually uses AOSP keyboard (default one in LineageOS, if you don't install gapps)?

I find it actually pretty good and better than any third-party keyboards I've tried. But it seems utterly unmaintained for years now and some annoying bugs are probably not going to be fixed.

I'd also argue that having a decent default keyboard in a google-free Android distribution is important. Telling all users just install these 13 different apps to replace the shitty defaults (calendar, email, contacts, keyboard, etc.) gets old pretty soon.

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Currently staring at the pretty huge amount of source code behind the AOSP keyboard and thinking whether I can or want to do anything with it... 🤔

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I never considered that the AOSP keyboard could cause bugs, and otherwise it's been generally fine and no systematic issues come to the top of my mind.

There's this weird bug in Wire's app for Android that prevents the send button from appearing. The only way to get the send button to appear is to first open up Wire's internal emoji menu. (Though I'm not a developer, I still suspect that it's caused by the Wire app and not AOSP...)

Before I switch to GrapheneOS, I use Google keyboard (without GAPPS) because of Swype.

@Utgardloki Swype is actually kinda half implemented in AOSP keyboard. It uses one proprietary gesture decoding library which you get via gapps (or can install manually).

@Bubu I would be more than happy to try out a modded AOSP keyboard with quirks worked out.

@Bubu I use the AOSP keyboard. I additionally installed Hackers Keyboard when I need a full keyboard in console.


I use it on my LineageOS with the Swiss Layout ... Works nice :)

@Bubu Never had any problem with the keyboard from Resurrection Remix ROM (which is the same as in LOS I think)

@Bubu I would if swipe gestures worked by default. I cba fucking about manually installing some libraries...

I just use Google Keyboard (v. 5.something? The last version before it turned into boatware "Gboard").

You can disallow internet access in app settings and/or AFWall if you want.

@Bubu I’m personally using AnySoftKeyboard but it doesn’t have good autocorrect and suggestion, and it’s not as user-friendly as it should be for a default application.

BTW, it reminds me that I should improve bépo for the Android default keyboard, since as you said it is still one of the best option out there…

At least there is Mozc to write in Japanese.

@Bubu My favourite feature is swiping trough 4000 pages of emojis if you want to use one that isn't on your fave-page 👍

@jfml Ugh... yeah, that. I've come to rely on the app providing an emojikeyboard to fix that.
Or alternatively just copy and paste the emoji from telegram input field... 🙈

@Bubu What's that emojikeyboard-apps's name?

@jfml I meant each app bringing their own. Rocketchat does, Telegram does, whatsapp does, etc.

@Bubu my main gripe with it is the emoji keyboard… listing every skin color and gender variant of each emoji makes it borderline unusable, since you have to scroll so many pages…

@Bubu i'm using anysoft keyboard for years. doesn't it fit your needs?

@valvin I didn't like the defaults and had no patience configuring it I must admit.

@Bubu right it takes time to find good options to have the layout / options we want. unfortunately it is a the same time an advantage and a drawback of opensource software 😉

@Bubu I used it until #AnySoftKeyboard came out with swipe capabilities. I really like the AOSP keyboard. The defaults are what I personally like, but since I don't have GAPPS there was no swipe. When I got the opportunity to use FOSS swipe typing I switched to ASK.

@Bubu I do! And I think exactly the same. The Spanish dictionary, for example, lacks _a lot_ of verbal forms.

Its my favorite keyboard. Incidentally, is it avialble outside of LOS? I got a locked down Huawei tablet and I can't find a decent Foss keyboard that would fit me, at least on F-droid.

@Bubu have you tried the Anysoftkeyboard? It is a good open-source option.

I would love if AOSP keyboard underlined autocorrected words in some other color like yellow or something. It would be the perfect keyboard.

Guilty of using Swiftkey. Has anybody switched from Swiftkey to AnySoftKeyboard? Did you miss anything? I mainly stick with Swiftkey because of the word suggestions.

@Bubu I do and I agree. It's the only keyboard I've found with which keyboard layouts and languages can be chosen independently (for example an AZERTY or QWERTZ layout can be used with English).

I use the AOSP keyboard, since I use LinageOS for microG.

(I found out the hard way after migrating from LOS with GApps to LOS for microG.)

My only complaint is that I had to slightly modify my phone by adding the gesture typing library, the method which was used is described here:

Definitely better. There's NO reason for them to have internet access or be phoning home that isn't inherently traitorous (but Gboard does, among others)

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