FYI: If you want an android app for the schedule with search, have a look at Giggity

The interface is not quite as nice as the Fahrplan app. But hey, search! And you can already view the schedule as well :-).

@Bubu do you perchance know where to get the URL for the complete schedule (with self organised sessions etc)?

@seneca it's already in there for me. But the url is also in the wiki.

Hey @Bubu,
I'm trying to follow your advice, but it seems like I'm doing something wrong? 😳

Thanks for fixing this, @Bubu!
For those of you that don't see the fix right away (like I me): try refreshing your list of events by pulling down the list :mastojoy:

@Bubu Much more important: you can hide sessions, tracks, rooms or by language. Great, now I can get rid of all these "Mate making"

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