One of my side-projects is an alternative client resurrecting the classic UI from before the 1.0 release.

Here's the list of things still to be fixed before an initial release:

One of the missing pieces is a proper icon which should resemble a retro/lo-fi version of the F-Droid robot. Anyone up for giving this a go?
I'm not a designer, so if nobody steps up the icon will be replaced by programmer art before release :D.

This is now almost finished except some release tooling and, well, the icon.

@Bubu Is it possible to rip the old icon from a pre-1.0 release of F-Droid from their git repo? Or were you going for something else?

@Bubu Either way, this sounds like a great project. We weren't exactly a fan of the UI change when it happened, but it was easy enough to get used to so we let it roll.

@KitsuneAlicia old icons are available here:

But I don't particularly like the old versions of the icon, so I decided against that.

@Bubu Oh, cool. Didn't know that page existed.

Dunno how we can contribute, since we're not exactly good at art or anything, but we'd love to help in any way we can.

@basxto Please no! 😂

(But otherwise nice to read the very early history of F-Droid. "It now has search!" :D)

@Bubu Interesting... my critique of f-droid is that the usability of both the old UX as well as the new are not very nice...

@Bubu Nice! I always felt like the v1.0 UI was a huge downgrade... Old UI is so simple and clean while also being ten times more effective. Good job!

>icon which should resemble a retro/lo-fi version of the F-Droid robot.

Here goes my attempt, I did my best in capturing the essence in 10x10 pixels and 8 colors.

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