If you want simple crash reporting functionality for your android app consider using by ligi.

Crash reports are super useful, if only for being able to see the stacktraces of my own apps without connecting to a computer.

Tracedroid is super simple (~100 LOC or so), requires 2 lines of code to set it up in your app and yet it has a number of benefits over a lot of the far more complex libraries (at least for my usecases.)

Quoting from the readme:

Send traces via email, pros:

* no need for internet permission
* having a email adress of the sender to contact the user after e.g. the bugfix
* no problem when there is no internet at the moment
* user is able to write some more info into the stacktrace mail
* no need for extra server backend

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(and ) use in email only mode which behaves very similar then. is still a more complex dependency, so if you don't need any of the extended functionality, it might be a bit overkill.

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