I've written a (long-ish) proposal to make 's latest view useful again:

Feel free to join in on that discussion if that interests you. I'd especially appreaciate input from people using F-Droid with a non-English locale.

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I think it's disingenuous to call the empty search a 'shitty workaround' when you only have to press one button to do it and it's immediately obvious what you're looking at. A shitty workaround is messing with Firefox's useChrome.css when they stuff in a stupid idea to the urlbar. The languages metadata filtering issue is perfectly valid however.

@Baggypants But that workaround only has to exist because the "Latest" view itsn't doing it's job (showing the latest apps). So yes, I call that a shitty workaround. And using the search button when you want to browse recently updated/added apps is far from obvious.

I understand your reasoning but I think you are being unreasonable.

I completely agree with you on this! I am also a non-English user and don't find the Latest-Tab or the Categories-Tab very useful.

I guess that only few developers can maintain all languages, and so in "Latest" most apps are hidden from most users, who would actually be reasonably well served with the existing English version of the information.

This is often difficult to explain if you want to show F-Droid to newbies.

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