I've written a (long-ish) proposal to make 's latest view useful again:

Feel free to join in on that discussion if that interests you. I'd especially appreaciate input from people using F-Droid with a non-English locale.

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I think it's disingenuous to call the empty search a 'shitty workaround' when you only have to press one button to do it and it's immediately obvious what you're looking at. A shitty workaround is messing with Firefox's useChrome.css when they stuff in a stupid idea to the urlbar. The languages metadata filtering issue is perfectly valid however.

@Baggypants But that workaround only has to exist because the "Latest" view itsn't doing it's job (showing the latest apps). So yes, I call that a shitty workaround. And using the search button when you want to browse recently updated/added apps is far from obvious.

I understand your reasoning but I think you are being unreasonable.

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