Does someone have experience with importing projects into a self-hosted gitlab instance?

The import from github actually revreated issue comments (albeit with just a single user) the import just flattened the whole discussion into the issue description, which is not optimal.

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I mean I guess it makes more sense for their business-case to polish the github importer but still... why is the import from your own project worse?!

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Let's maybe try the project exporter instead, maybe that one works differently for some reason.

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@Bubu I guess you were using this process, right?

If yes, then I'm not aware of a better method.

@sheogorath Heh, you can see already form the docs that about 10 times more effort went into the github -> gitlab import than the -> gitlab importer :)

@Bubu So how did you try it? There are two way to import gitlab projects. First is by using exports from instance A and import on instance B and there is also a quick import using oauth from

@Bubu And that ended up in a mess, right? That's rather annoying, may try to export way if you don't have too many repositories.

@sheogorath Right, the export function is much better. 👍

Why though...?!

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