Uhm, I'm confused by this quite a bit:

I have two libvirt VMs, I cloned one from the other with virt-clone.

Only one of them can access the internet at a given time.

I triple checked that they got indeed different mac-addresses from the clone step.

Any ideas? 🤔


The VMs have the same IP for some reason I cannot yet explain... but I guess that explains the brokenness at least :D.

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@Bubu maybe giving each VM a fixed IP addres? If they have a different MAC-addres, the DNS-server can be used to fix these. I don't have much experience with VM's, but this is what I do with physical devices.

@thaha yeah, that's what I went this in the end. Managing static ips is a PITA but certainly beats debugging a dns server for now :).

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