The problem is not taking a 30% cut of all purchases or them having weird rules about no other allowed payment schemes for apps distributed through the appstore. It's also not blocking apps for non-compliance with their rules.

The problem is apple preventing the user from installing anything on their devices that doesn't go through the appstore. They can have whatever rules they want on their service.

Right now they have total control over every *device*. That is the problem.

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There's a bit more to this. The "You can have any rules you like on your platform" gets tricky when your platform is in a quasi monopoly position (like the play store is on Android). Android is doing a lot better than iOS in being open but there's still issues.

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Technical issues like 3rd party apps stores not being able to do background upgrades like google play does or background notifications effectively being restricted to go through Google/Firebase Cloud messaging.

But also policy issues like every Android device coming preinstalled with Google Play and Google Play denying any other app store being distributed through Google Play.

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On the plus side you can work around these issues on some/most(?) phones by unlocking the bootloader and being able to modify the system that brings these restrictions itself. But this is ofc not a mainstream solution.

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