@Bubu Why not add 'bloodsugar' as it can be useful for diabetics? Something many have to test daily.

Hi @shellkr, I am open to add additional items and blood sugar came up in the past. I didn't consider it (yet) because it looks like there are plenty of apps already and also because I have no idea what this would have to look like.

@shellkr @Bubu
Hm, you got me interested. I am just about completing water intake as a new measure, if blood sugar is indeed as straight forward as you write, I might get on top of it right away.

What would a report look like? Value over time?
@shellkr just had a quick look, there seem to be already at least 3 apps on F-Droid. And by the look of it there's a lot more to properly managing diabetes in an app?

@thomas Not really, glucose level is the only really interesting part. I guess time when you have eaten something may also be good but not really. You are supposed to check the glucose after you have woken up before you eaten something with type 2 diabetes. Weight and Blood pressure is also interesting.

It was just an idea because it is pretty common. ;)

Another would be to have trip meter. To measure how long walks you have had. ;)

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