Follow is generally open for everyone to host their (Free Software, preferably Android) projects there. 🙂

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@Bubu Just for curiosity, which advantage has it, compared to

@PorrurenGrabatokia requires you to either pay them, or apply per email for an exemption for free software. I find this a bit too much hassle.

@Bubu Answering also to @mondstern, I knew that it was free of cost for FOSS projects, but I didn't know that it was more dificult to do so.

Thanks for explaining!

Hi @Bubu!
I'm not a programmer but I want to add internationalitation to an Android app, SplitBills, because the developer has no time.

There's already the strings.xml under values directory. How could I do to add i18n and L10n in your Weblate?

@PorrurenGrabatokia Okay, this would definitely need some cooperation from the developer but most of the work can be done by someone else who wants to manage the weblate project.


* Create a weblate account
* Create a new project
* Create a new component inside the project (something like `app`)
* Fill out all project info like License, name, etc.
* Import the app by giving weblate the git url and saying it's an android app.
* Start translating


The app author would need to do the following still:

* Create a gitlab hook which will tell weblate to update the translation sources whenever they change in the git repo
* Pull in new translations from weblate before a new release.

@PorrurenGrabatokia There's also alternatives for automating the last part (getting translations from weblate into the app) but I haven't looked at that yet.

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