We still need a new logo...

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@Bubu Considered asking hashtag mastoart with posting some requirements?

Please help us decide between these three options for our Corona-Warn-App fork Corona Contact Tracing Germany through the poll in the next post. They are by Plumbumstift and @larma.

#cctg #cwa #CoronaWarnApp

Which of these icons should be the icon of Corona Contact Tracing Germany?

@fynnDirect I like the shape and shading of the blue-green icon, but it might actually be nice to shift the hue a bit.

The red color is a bit too alarming to me, but single color variant indeed works as well.
The gradient was inspired by the original logo, just replacing the red with green = replacing something negative (proprietary google library) with something positive (free software).

@larma I see. And yes, choosing different colors than the official app to get an own brand out there seems like a good idea! 😄
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