I'll no longer be managing the @fdroidorg account. Going forward that account will be operated by @IzzyOnDroid and @licaon_kter

@Bubu @fdroidorg @IzzyOnDroid

Thank you for the time you were posting announcements, and to all the people working on fdroid.

Thanks a lot for your work, @Bubu 💚

It will first be a bit strange to mention the F-Droid account and receiving the ping myself I guess 😆

@IzzyOnDroid @Bubu Finally. :) For me the person who knows most about F-Droid and is most accessible is: Izzy! :)

@marco I may know much about F-Droid (else I couldn't do this) – but @Bubu was working behind the scenes a lot, and hard. It's often those rather "silent" members in the "background" we have the most to thank 🤩

So thanks for your warm welcome – and let us share this warmth with Bubu 😍


Thank you very much for your work on @fdroidorg. It's the most important App on my mobile phone and simplifies the privacy oriented use of Android so much!

I'm very sad, you have the most cutest avatar ever! 🤗
(and thank you for your work!)

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