I was wondering if significantly less people are likely to contribute to i.e. F-Droid Classic because it's home is not on github (or gitlab.com or codeberg.org to a lesser degree).

It's home is over here: git.bubu1.eu/Bubu/fdroidclassi

I believe a total amount of 2 people participated in the issue discussions so far since I moved it away from gitlab.com about a year ago.

One improvement I'm likely to add is allow sign-in with codeberg (in addition to gitlab.com/github), I wonder if that helps.


Don't get me wrong this is a small, hobby project. I don't expect hundreds of people being interested in it and maybe there just aren't any more people around interested enough to open issues/comment, etc. That's fine :).

I'm just wondering if it would look differently *if* it were hosted on github.

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@Bubu unfortunately I've the same feeling as well for my (pet) projects. I do push-mirror them on GitHub and often people open PRs there and then I merge them manually.

@ilpianista Mmh, I could indeed push the project to github and even just add a link back to the canonical source from there for visibility.

But I also hate that github is so entrenched that this would actually help the project :(.

ups, wusste gatnicht das es ein "modernes Classic F-Droid" gibt nutze immer noch die letzte benutzbare Version 0.100.1

@Stellwerk warum genau 0.100.1?

Die letzte version mit der alten UI ist 0.102.3. (Und F-Droid Classic hat sich von da mit vielen, vielen backports aus moderneren F-Droid versionen entwickelt.)

warum diese Version, kann ich auch nicht mehr sagen. Aber immer noch benutzbar.
Werde die Classic Variante ausprobieren. Ist diese problemlos parallel zu 0.10x.x bzw. der offiziellen APP zu betreiben?

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