Found an interesting statistic:

So, yes most people here would actually consider a address as an outlier/somewhat of an odd thing.

Apparently the situation looks *very* different in other countries. 😕

@Bubu These numbers look totally wrong to me, do they state a source? I've had access to pretty representative data sets and GMail is at least as much as + gmx combined, even in Germany.

@rami What do you consider a representative data set?

In general I expect that to be heavily influenced by whatever target audience you have.

But I think I can actually believe this to be the result of asking 1000 people on the street in Germany. This is certainly quite different from people who sign up to *any* online service.

@Bubu We send lots of emails on behalf of our clients at We send way more emails to GMail than any other provider. Currently, the clients with most volume are covid-19 test centers and public swimming pools. I'd assume both attract a sample of the general population that's more independent on tech-savviness etc. than most online services without a offline-world use


@rami I agree that this *does* sound like a good data sample. 🤷

I liked the world where gmail isn't used that much more though... :(.

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@Bubu @rami you live in a word where the first smarphone someone gets is Android. And its before thay have a regular e-mail.

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