Ugh, people are just the worst... @k9mail released a new stable version after a (in android terms relatively long) while.

Now people are angry:

* that it took so long (and they weren't aware they could have been using the betas all along)
* That the interface changed (and it breaks *their* workflow!)
* and uhm, just generally angry if you read the forum threads... 😕

Anyway, here's the announcement:

Further help funding the development:

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@Bubu @k9mail
they are angry because still not settings-backup with optional passwords. (and fanpeople declaring that a feature)

@adorfer @Bubu @k9mail

Last time I checked K9Mail is
1. Free, so people don't even have to lift their wallet to use it.
2. Open Source, so people can submit patches if they think a feature important to them is missing or too low in priority.
3. Not enforced, so people are free to use something else instead if K9 doesn't suit their needs.

So no reason to be angry really when someone gives you something great for free, or is there?

@cherti @Bubu @k9mail I am not angry, i just see reasons why so many people are not using it (any more).
And concerning PRs: i will not go into the "code quality rabbit hole".
and yes, i would throw money at it for this feature to be implemented.

@adorfer @Bubu @k9mail

There is a significant difference between "people are angry" and "people don't use it anymore". The latter is totally and absolutely fine, the former... well, let's leave it at polite comments.

If you want to throw money at it, why not ask in the project if a dev has time for it and what it would cost to get it implemented, what's the worst that can happen?

@Bubu @k9mail so K-9 now finally doesnt look like an app from 2009 anymore and thats a problem? 🤔

@krille @Bubu @k9mail You always have the loud minority complain about larger changes :blobshrug:

@Bubu @k9mail well, why does it break any workflows? It enhanced it's design, like everyone could see in the beta releases.

@Bubu @k9mail exactly that picture is describing the users

@Bubu @k9mail

> The user interface has been redesigned. Some of you will love it, some will hate it. You’re welcome and we’re sorry.

At least they know what will happen and embrace it. :D

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