Trying out #plume (selfhosted instance).

It appears Plume takes the title and makes it the URL slug, spaces included.

But over activitypub federation, the spaces break the URLs! Is this real or am I stupid?

Writefreely is perhaps too minimalistic, Plume messes up URLs, Ghost and Grav don't have activitypub plugins...

Is wordpress truly the only fully-featured activitypub-compatible blogging platform?

@yarmo I made the jump from Hugo to Writefreely, and then to wordpress. I found writefreely to be too minimalistic as well. I genuinely like wordpress because it is feature packed and you can mod it the way you want. It can be minimalistic or the other way around. Imagination is the limit.


@maxvel @yarmo what features is writefreely missing? I was looking into setting this up.

@Bubu @yarmo Distinct use case for categories and tags (which you can use hashtags to set up, but the use case is not distinct). Wordpress has it out of the box.

There is just one layout. Which you can modify using custom css and js. You need to get hack-ish sometimes to mod it to your needs. Wordpress has tons of themes and ability to mod it even further.

And, Tons of plugins. You need something, click of a button, and it's there. I love writefreely, but wordpress is lit ✨

Personally, it's the fact you have to upload/host images independently. And quite frankly, Markdown is a PITA for links, specifically images. WordPress has a media manager.

I left my WriteFreely blog in disuse, this is one of the reasons.
@maxvel @yarmo

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