I've just created a matrix room for discussing the translation process on

This is aimed at project maintainers needing help to setup their project, translators needing help with the weblate workflow, downtime/upgrade announcements, etc.

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@Bubu BTW: Thanks for posting about #weblate frequently. It made me look into it a bit more and I'm really impressed at how user-friendly it is.
We are now migrating 1.8M words of translations for Matomo to Weblate:


what does hosted weblate have to do with weblate bubu?


They are both using weblate :)
@Bubu 's weblate inspired me too look into Weblate more as I was aware of its existence, but never really used it before.
And now that we were looking for a new translation platform for Matomo, I remembered it and now we migrated everything over (to the instance hosted by the weblate team) and it's working pretty well.

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