We just noticed that Android 12 includes a much stricter implementation of "app-links":

Afaiu if you don't control a domain your app will never show up in the app chooser for a link to that domain. The user needs to explicitly setup your app for said domain deep in the settings.

This is super inconvenient for all the 3rd Part apps out there (i.e. NewPipe) or even alternative builds of 1st Party apps (F-Droid build of Wikipedia app).

This is such a usability downgrade from the app-chooser implementation we had before :(.

This pretty much negatively affects all apps I've ever worked on :/.

Yes it's theoretically all fixable in the settings by the user, but this is so far hidden and confusingly laid out, that it's almost hopeless to fix for the average user.

To give some more examples:

* F-Droid will not open for play store links form a website anymore
* F-Droid Classic won't open links anymore
* CCTG won't open Corona test result links anymore
* Fasthub won't open github links anymore
* ... basically every other app on F-Droid relies on this?

How does this look like from a user perspective if they install F-Droid and also for convenience want to open play store links in it?

Go to System Settings -> Apps -> Default Apps -> Opening Links -> Locate Google Play Store -> Switch off "Open Supported Links" -> Same for Google Play Movies & TV -> Find F-Droid -> Add Link -> now you can check everything here.

For you'll have to disable even more default apps before you can enable the links for NewPipe. Also you can have fun manually activating 53 link handlers for it then (all the peertube or invidious instances)... 😢

@Bubu This makes me even less happy to at some point update to Android 12 :/ I hope at some point the Linux phone will be ready enough for me to daily drive it


Nach Deutsch
Um einige weitere Beispiele zu nennen:

* F-Droid öffnet keine Play Store-Links von einer Website mehr
* F-Droid Classic öffnet keine mehr
* CCTG öffnet keine Links zu Corona-Testergebnissen mehr
* Fasthub öffnet keine Github-Links mehr
* ... im Grunde genommen jede andere App auf F-Droid darauf angewiesen ist?

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@Bubu is there any positive, and if none, why does it exist?


Das ist eine solche Verschlechterung der Benutzerfreundlichkeit gegenüber der App-Auswahl-Implementierung, die wir vorher hatten :(.

Das wirkt sich so ziemlich auf alle Apps aus, an denen ich je gearbeitet habe :/.

Ja, es ist theoretisch alles in den Einstellungen durch den Benutzer zu beheben, aber das ist so weit versteckt und verwirrend angelegt, dass es fast hoffnungslos für den durchschnittlichen Benutzer zu beheben ist.

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@Bubu is there a possibility that i get to choose which app i open links in @Tusky with from link to link, or is that choice gone forever?

@Bubu I think maybe we could take legal action against this? This way of opening links is strengthening already existing monopolies to much and doesn't let any choice to the user because it is so far hidden...

@Bubu At least in the EU, it might be possible. But again how many years would we need to wait for a decision...
This decision by Google just reinforces my belief that my next phone will probably not be an android phone.

@Arco @Bubu They're always gonna try to excuse this with "security", because link handler squatting might be a security in specific scenarios.
But the other side of this medal - harming 3rd party alternatives - is definitely nothing they're against at.

@Bubu Strange. On cookie banners they always have a "accept all", and you just have to go through loops if you want to *disable* all. Why is it the other way around here? I'd expect a "check all"/"check none" button (maybe even an "invert selection").

Lesson learned: it always depends who profits. It's never made easy for *your* convenience. So you can go by this and say: the most inconvenient must be the settings best for you. Sad.

@Bubu any idea what happens if you don't have YouTube (for example) installed in the first place?
Are the links opened by NewPipe without further interactions?

@caffeine I fairly sure they are not, but I can't test that currently. It might also be just by default behave differently on LOS (which is where this would be relevant as pretty much all vendor/stock roms will have youtube.)

... gerade bemerkt, dass Android 12 eine viel striktere Implementierung von "App-Links" enthält:

Wenn Sie eine Domäne nicht kontrollieren, wird Ihre App niemals in der App-Auswahl für einen Link zu dieser Domäne auftauchen. Der Benutzer muss Ihre App explizit für die besagte Domain in den Einstellungen einrichten.



Dies ist für alle Drittanbieter-Apps (z. B. NewPipe) oder sogar für alternative Builds von 1st-Party-Apps (F-Droid-Build der Wikipedia-App) äußerst ungünstig.

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@Bubu im running fdroid and newpipe on android 12 and i have not had to do anything like this. Is this coming in a future update? Or is it because i upgraded from Android 11 maybe?

@Hawk1291 Does NewPipe open links when you click on them in the browser or another app?

(Maybe it is the upgrade though, this phone is also upgraded, but I didn't really have any of the apps setup with "Always Open with this app" from before the update.)

@Bubu Just tested, it does indeed open youtube links in newpipe. Basically, everything is selected in the settings already and "open supported links" is switched on, but it was like that by default. But again, that maybe have been a default set by android 11.

@Bubu update:
After an update to newpipe, the first one since the upgrade to And12 i believe, i had to go to settings to turn the links on. So appears its bad news...

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