Me: I need a printer that works under linux.
Saturn: 🤷‍♀️.


(And the one that otherwise fit my criteria and I researched afterwards at home is a definitive No for linux support 🙄).

So my question: Where in Germany do I order/buy a scanner + printer combo that just works under linux?

Also all of them claim they support Dropbox and OneDrive and GDrive and whatever...

What I really want is a scanner that can scan to my @nextcloud. (I.e. generic webdav support would do, I guess.)

Anyone knows if this is possible at all? I really don't want to upload my documents to some third party service from the scanner.

Turns out printer availability in general sucks right now. Especially if you have specific feature requirements: Duplex ADF scanning (because I'm lazy and otherwise I just never get around to digitizing stuff). Scan to SMB (for getting stuff in my Nextcloud, again because I want to remove friction).

Went with a pretty high-end brother model now (~650€). Let's hope it'll last me another 10+ years like my last printer🤞.

It's definitely a solid upgrade. (last one was b/w, no duplex, no ADF)

Thanks for all the help everyone! 😊

I think some lower end or a lot older models would have had the same feature set as well... but they were nowhere to be found right now.

And I'd rather pay 2-300€ more than dealing with manually merging front and backside pdfs for the next 10 years :D.

I can now also abandon the 10 year old todo list item of getting my CanoScan 4200F to work under Linux by sniffing the windows drivers USB communication.

That always sounded like a fun reverse engineering project but I never got around to it. 🤷‍♀️

@Bubu I have an epson ET-2550 that works under Linux.

@Bubu I've got an HP OfficeJet Pro 6970, that works well since years.

@grumpy_copilot Thanks but the problem with "since years" is that you can't actually buy this anymore anywhere. (maybe used, but used printers are kind of meh... )

@Bubu True. But my guess is, that if its an network/air print able printer, chances are high that it works out of the box on modern linux systems. If you order one online, you could do trial and error and just send them back if they don't work.

@Bubu But thats just an uneducated guess. But all of the network printers i tried or when connected to badly configured hotel wifis, were recognized automatically and wirked great, in the past few years :D

@grumpy_copilot Yeah, I've also mostly positive experiences with connecting to existing printers. (Some required installing weird things from custom repos though or downloading random files off the internet).

Also the scanning part is more troublesome usually.

So when actually buying a new printer ... I really wanted some guarantee from the manufacturer that this will work.

I'd not have thought that this is just an impossible thing to ask for in 2021.

@Bubu Yeah, they run it on their servers, they probably even run it on the printer itself, but they dont support it.... 😢

@Bubu @grumpy_copilot I've been pleasantly surprised recently that simple-scan will do a local network scan and find the HP officejet with integrated scanner, no connections to outside services or proprietary software (other than built in firmware) required. Not the fastest scanning that way, but I don't need it often enough to optimize it

@Bubu @grumpy_copilot oh, a caveat that I don't think anyone should buy HP. Their business practices are pretty scummy. Just that there's hope for decent scanning with other models as well.

@keverets @grumpy_copilot Yeah, I wasn't planning on buying anything by HP, ever :D.

@Bubu I got an HP ScanJet Pro 4500 fn1 and it send me email with scans or upload it to my synology over SMB (webdav/nfs not supported 😞 )

@alemaire SMB can probably made to work within nextcloud as well...

I'm curious, do you configure an email account where the documents are sent *From*? I.e. which smtp server is used for this?

@Bubu yes, I configure my own mail server as the mail sender, so all my data stays on servers I pay for / control.

I guess you could use an SMB backend on nextcloud then nextcloud flow/triggers to move that document on another folder.
Not sure if external backend are supported as triggers

@Bubu Epson Ecotank, haben einen offiziellen Treiber und man kann sehr leicht 3rd Party Tinte nehmen

@dadosch Das klingt bisher nach einer guten Option.

Ich wünschte es wäre nicht so kompliziert an diese Informationen zu kommen...

@Bubu if it can do airprint it'll probably work under Linux (based on my observations on how I connect to my printer from Linux)

@Bubu I don't know how but my HP 5055 works perfectly automatically for scanning as well on Zorin OS (on arch I had to configure drivers but there must be some generic way it works for it to work on Zorin)

@Bubu This one works on Linux Mint Debian Edt.:

Scan to SMB or WebDAV didn't seem to be supported from what I've seen on its webUI

Look for devices that advertise Apple's AirPrint or Mopria Alliance certification, modern CUPS can utilize that just fine ( And the scanner side also works nicely since recently (


Generally speaking, any postscript printer should be fine.

@Bubu Brother provides Linux drivers for many of their products. I already have the second printer/scanner combo and never had any problems. Currently a MFC-J5335DW is working with different Ubuntu Versions. Supports scanning to PC (a small Linux Tool provided by Brother must bei running for this), to FTP, to SMB.

@Bubu I ordered a low end Brother all-in-one off Amazon and it works great.

@Bubu Saturn carries the ink for them, so does Rewe-. It's a very standard cartridge.

@feonixrift I was going to suggest Brother based on reputation.

Laserprint (B&W) over inkjet if at all possible.

(Laser is vastly less expensive to operate, colour is highly overrated.)

I'd also suggest looking at splitting out the scanner. All-in-ones save space, but you're compromising on both components.


@Bubu I've made very good experience with brother products regarding Linux support. I've a brother HL-5450dn (b/w laser) and a brother MFC-l3730cdn (color multi function) which both work great for years. For scanning to FTP/SMB I'm using a brother ADS-1600W - also very happy with it.

@Bubu Brother hat normalerweise anständigen Linux-Support, mit den offiziellen brscan4-Treibern tut zumindest auf der MFC-9xxx Serie sogar scannen per Netzwerk mit libsane. Direkt über die Drucker-UI scannen kann auf jeden Fall FTP, aber ich glaube kein WebDAV.

@Bubu In general, Brother printer work really well with Linux (especially Laser)

@Bubu Schließe mich der Brother-Fraktion an. Hier werkelt eine Farblaser/Scanner Kombi. Einrichtung relativ problemlos (ein Download von Brother mit dem "Treiber-Installer", brauchst Du IMHO nur für den Scanner, Drucker wird out-of-the-box erkannt). Hatte davor ein Tintenteil von denen, lief auch anstandslos. Beider werkel(te)n friedlich mit Patronen von Drittanbietern (zu 1/3 des Preises), m.E. ohne "Qualitätsverlust". Würde jederzeit wieder zu Brother greifen.

Ich habe kürzlich ähnlich hier in die Runde gefragt, weil mir gleich zwei Drucker gestorben sind.

Mir wurde alles von Epson, Canon, HP und Brother empfohlen.

Elektronikmärkte haben z.Zt. nur wenig und teure Auswahl, also in den Kleinanzeigen gesucht. Bin quasi sofort in meiner Kleinstadt fündig geworden: 1x HP- und 1x Epson-MuFu. Beide drucken und scannen problemlos per WLAN jeweils mit Debian 11.

Es scheint längst nicht mehr so problematisch zu sein wie früher mal.

@oausi @Bubu For scanner support look here unluckily the do don't seam willed to do what's necessary to get a valid ssl certificate but do great work anyway.

@Bubu I have an Epson EcoTank.
+ loads of ink, after 3 years of weekly printing the black ink is like halfway
+ after installing all the linux printer drivers I could find, It Just Worked (gutenprint did the trick IIRC)
- not so cheap
- works better on Linux than Windows (where I have to reselect it from the printer menu every once in a while)

My family-in-law also has one of these and they're quite happy with it too.

@Vierkantor Thanks, those sounded pretty good indeed. They have a somewhat steep price though and for that I wanted to have duplex ADF scan functionality. I ended up spending even more though, but I think a laser is actually the better option for my intended usage as well.

@rami I don't think so. The idea would be to run a cifs server and mount that directory inside nextcloud as external storage.

I can report back when I get this working :-D.

@Bubu I'm a bit late but doesn't CUPS work everywhere?

@charlag I don't know? But if canon says this printer only works on windows and Mac and doesnt offer any indication on Linux drivers or support... I'm not going to try it. (Even if it might work in the end they really need to put that on their website and packaging... I don't want to do 3 hours of research over the Linux printer driver landscape to find out before buying a printer.)

@charlag also amazon reviews said getting printing to work is a pita and scanning doesnt work at all. 🤷

Yeah, no thanks.

@Bubu I don't know about canon, I only know that Brother asks you to install shit even thought it works without I think? And I know that HP works out of the box for at least a decade.
Generally I think they should all work via CUPS, the same way as on mac

@charlag I mean everything working out of the box without installing proprietary stuff is obviously better and maybe that'll be the case with the brother device I'm getting now.

But failing that I need a manufacturer supported fallback solution that doesnt involve installing windows inside a VM and passing the USB device inside.

@Bubu Maybe Amazon?? Mindfactory, Alternate, Cyberport 🤔

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