Me: I need a printer that works under linux.
Saturn: 🤷‍♀️.


(And the one that otherwise fit my criteria and I researched afterwards at home is a definitive No for linux support 🙄).

So my question: Where in Germany do I order/buy a scanner + printer combo that just works under linux?

Turns out printer availability in general sucks right now. Especially if you have specific feature requirements: Duplex ADF scanning (because I'm lazy and otherwise I just never get around to digitizing stuff). Scan to SMB (for getting stuff in my Nextcloud, again because I want to remove friction).

Went with a pretty high-end brother model now (~650€). Let's hope it'll last me another 10+ years like my last printer🤞.

It's definitely a solid upgrade. (last one was b/w, no duplex, no ADF)


I can now also abandon the 10 year old todo list item of getting my CanoScan 4200F to work under Linux by sniffing the windows drivers USB communication.

That always sounded like a fun reverse engineering project but I never got around to it. 🤷‍♀️

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