Moxie's exploration about NFT's is actually really worth reading:

Even if I don't agree with much of his framing (it's the same old "decentralized systems are hard, so let's not try building those") the observations he makes about NFTs are very much on point and well put forth. It's those things that made me not interested one bit in that whole area after reading about it for a day or two. I'm glad moxie took the time to deep-dive into this and confirm all my suspicions.

@Bubu I learned some new things from this write up, thanks. I don't trust Moxie, haven't since I first started searching for a self hosted IM platform years ago, and found the lack of information around Signals server suspicious.
But the stuff about wallets relying on centralized API providers is a real eye opener. My take away is run your own node, and use a wallet that interacts directly with that node?
Hey look, another reason to run another server of my own.

@Bubu I don't think he's saying that decentralised systems are hard to build (fun fact: Signal is able to operate decentralised and already did in the past).

But the development/deployment and social aspects are hard (and I think he's right - just take a look at the mentioned protocols. A good counter example is matrix, which moves really fast, but also requires that clients/servers implement many versions of the protocol and keep up with the implementations).

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