I've been very confused by USB 3.X naming schemes again. This video tries to explain the madness and does a pretty good job (in contrast t the people who named these standards ...): youtu.be/dERa_bMDvcg

Also make sure to keep this reference image in reach at all times!

And a few experiments with getting it to generate a dinosaur skeleton bridge.

Cool pictures, mostly not quite as planned though 😅.

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Still experimenting with AI generated art by the notebook. This one turned out *really* well:

Just tested: The actually serves as a pretty decent development system when I don't want to bring an additional notebook.

(Nothing here is particularly unexpected ofc. The deck is a powerful PC running linux. So its basically what I daily drive, with a smaller screen. Git came preinstalled, AS worked out of the box installed from the tarball from the android site.)

Jetzt habe ich so viele tolle Sticker von @c3stoc bekommen aber mein Laptop ist eigentlich schon voll 🤔.

Also insbesondere der hier muss noch irgendwo hin!

Many people seem to be talking about , so I wanted to take a look what all the fuss is about.

But it seems you need to login via some party services to even view the questions?! (You get the problem descriptions without login, but not the actual thing that's asked of you.)

Come on, really?

Not even a single non proprietary platform? I guess I wasn't that interested....

For you'll have to disable even more default apps before you can enable the links for NewPipe. Also you can have fun manually activating 53 link handlers for it then (all the peertube or invidious instances)... 😢

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How does this look like from a user perspective if they install F-Droid and also for convenience want to open play store links in it?

Go to System Settings -> Apps -> Default Apps -> Opening Links -> Locate Google Play Store -> Switch off "Open Supported Links" -> Same for Google Play Movies & TV -> Find F-Droid -> Add Link -> now you can check everything here.

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I dropped lots of Stickers at @topio's popup store in Berlin-Moabit yesterday.

A lot more will be sent out via @c3stoc (see here for details on how to get stickers chaos.social/@c3stoc/107265693).

These are the left-overs. Only a few-thousand stickers left for next year then 😅.

Do you think there's potentially too much information on this screen? :D

Played lots of today 🎉!

(together we did 80 or so quests, many of them even useful things like adding/confirming opening hours or road surface questions :))


Lol, that's a hilarious naming collision for the first time ever seeing that screen on YouTube.

It's fully reassembled and afaict everything works again.

iFixit gave it an 8/10 repairability score, which I'd agree with. The only annoying part was that I needed to order a special long-necked T6 bit for the first 2 screws in the handles.

You'll definitely need a good guide, it's not at all intuitive what to unscrew in which order, but if you have that it's easy to disassemble and reassemble it in about 15 minutes.

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That'll be fun putting back together. (Steam controller which had some battery acid damage.)

Hope I didnt damage the touchpads during the process.

Do you know that problem when you want to add a repository to , and you go to the repo list, click "Add" and *then* notice that you can't scan the QR code from there?

Yeah, happened to me every. single. time.

No more, I now fixed it in :

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