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By the way, I actually don't mind cloud services in general. The idea of outsourcing services is almost as old as humanity.

There is nothing wrong with switching from a self-hosted postgresql to a hosted version. Or to host your website on a web space.

But to act as if cloud providers would ride on unicorns and do the impossible, is just utter nonsense.

And looking at IPv6 on major cloud providers make one question the competence of the expert teams…

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Our new Announcement Widget on the Dashboard is live for > 2 months now. What do you think?

Do you love to see a greeting when visiting Codeberg, do you see it at all, should we use it more / less frequent?

Comments welcome. Because #Feedback matters to us!

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What was up on #Codeberg in May? Read about it in the Monthly Letter in our Blog:

Want to have more insights and actively support our mission? Consider joining Codeberg at today!

Thank you for supporting our mission!

Specifically how you write down you assertions:


really beats

assertEqual(thing, otherthing) # Which one goes where again?!

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After having used 'Truth' for a bit every other testing library is kind of bad...

@Tutanota Thanks a lot for preparing this.

Send a slightly modified version of this with an introduction on how this is relavant to what I do professionally. 🙂

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⚡ BREAKING: Interior Minister Seehofer is asking for feedback on the new cyberstrategy draft. To save strong #encryption and #security online, please send them an email to You may use this doc (or make your own on the bmi website):

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STRANGER: I wear no mask.
CAMILLA: (Terrified, aside to Cassilda.) No mask? No mask!

-- The King in Yellow, Robert W. Chambers

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Kann jemand @rufposten helfen? Sollte möglich sein. Selbst schon gemacht. Mir fehlt leider die Zeit. 😑

"I'm doing research on a app for a news story. Is there any hacker out there who is able to help breaking the custom certificate pinning of an app (e.g. using a custom frida objection script)? You should be able to decompile the app and then find and block/rewrite the custom function doing the pinning by script injection.
I have some (although little) budget."

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We (Sequoia, are looking to hire a devop engineer to maintain and expand our CI, setup some benchmarking infrastructure, keep our web services running like, etc. You should care about privacy and free software. We'd prefer someone living in or near a European timezone. Salary is 43 kEuros/year for 20 hours/week. Salary is not negotiable. Hours are (salary scales linearly). If you are interested, mail me: 8F17777118A33DDA9BA48E62AACB3243630052D9 .

I'm sure nobody really missed it, but I've now added a Privacy Policy to

If you find anything missing/inaccurate/wrong in there, please tell me.

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A few observations about digital vaccination certificates:

* It's really just a static QR code, you can import it into your app, but you can also make a picture of it and save it into your phones gallery. Or carry the original paper copy around.
* This unfortunately means it's easy to "steal" other peoples certificates by just scanning their code when they have it open in their app.
* The certificate will not be for your name but will that *always* be verified?

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We moved our chat room from the IRC network that seems to be set on getting rid of its users to Matrix:
The Matrix room is bridged to #k9mail on @liberachat; for those of you who still prefer IRC.

See you all there 👋

@michael I love and live OsmAnd! :-D

But still nice to see alternatives here. :)

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Protipp zum neuen Android-Firefox: Wenn ihr lange auf den Tabzähler drückt, kommt ein Dropdown-Menü, das es ermöglicht, den Tab sofort zu schließen, ohne nochmal Extrawisch über die Übersicht.
Auch nicht so bekannt: Ihr könnt jetzt durch horizontales Wischen über die URL-Leiste zwischen offenen Tabs wechseln.

@kuketzblog Ist eine quelloffene Lösung ohne Quelltext wirklich Quelloffen? 🙃

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