I installed T-UI (Terminal based launcher - f-droid.org/app/ohi.andre.cons ) today and it instantly eliminated all check emails, check mastodon, check all messenger, check emails again habits.

I guess it's more because of the unfamiliarity of the interface than any inherent benefit to it. Let's see how this will go. Maybe I'll just have to keep changing my phone UX radically every few months.

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I really love the #FSF's idea to call the release of proprietary software under a free license after the end of its support to "#upcycle #software"

this gives a very meaningful connotation to an otherwise rather technical / legal issue and helps to make it understandable for non-experts. Also it is short and handy & works pefect for slogans. Great job! I will re-use it from now in further debates and argumentations.

And btw, sign the petition to #UpcycleWindows7:

@CryptGoat it's all using xrandr under the hood anyway. :-) so it should be possible, you might just need a better GUI for it.

@pino_ac @Lingondraken i actually want an adblocker like this. Instead of blocking ads it would just block pages that contain ads. I probably didn't want to visit anyway...

@Lingondraken @fdroidorg try toggling the background connection setting (Off and on again) and see if that fixes it.

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Before people ask: Yes NewPipe is broken and yes Tobi fixed it. A release will soon been on its way :)

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Likely controverisal take:

Languages with first-class package managers that make it really easy to use dependencies are a case where ease-of-use and usability might be actively harmful. It encourages developers to NOT audit their dependencies, and eventually leads to node_modules, which eventually leads to leftpad. Having fewer dependencies because adding depenedencies is annoying is not actually necessarily a bad thing.

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FOSDEM is kept free as in beer also by the community helping out, please help us by volunteering -- volunteers.fosdem.org

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It is time that people understand that #Apple is in no way better compared to the other big tech companies. Like all of them, they have to comply with US law. Also their business depends more and more on adds and analyzing their users with AppleTV, AppleMusic, Siri, etc... Trusting black boxes and highly closed and regulated ecosystems will not bring us more #privacy and freedom. reuters.com/article/us-apple-f #nf

@Regy @KopfKrieg Das macht halt leider diese Versionen von Fenix immer noch nicht freie Software... 😔 .

@mvgorcum I think all people marked as Contributors are from Mozzilla? And yes, there's zero commitment, the only thing I got from this is, we might consider working on this in the future.

I guess the resources here need to be allocated by someone higher up at Mozilla? Anyone has some contacts?

I just took a look at what it would take to get Firefox Preview/Fenix into F-Droid: github.com/mozilla-mobile/feni


@CryptGoat Turns out I already opened an issue about an F-Dorid install guide a while back: gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroid-websi

Are you still interesting in working on this in some form?

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@juliank @infosechandbook You do realize that for a good percentage of apps the developer distributed versions contain additional proprietary tracking libraries which are not present in the f-droid version?

@aladar @infosechandbook but this is still a situation of the previous maintainer (who did this update) not using an android phone anymore. This is not sustainable.

@maximpistos @infosechandbook @fdroidorg we can mark apps or single versions with the KnownVulnerabiltity antifeature. Users will get a notification the next time they update their package index if they have such an app installed. But even for that we need help from more people. It's hard to know if one of the 2.5k apps is outdated when none of the existing maintainers is even using it.

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