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@ConnyDuck did you follow that fdroid forum thread? Someone actually mailed stallman with the question (whether including a blocklist makes the app somehow less free).
He posted a screenshot of his answer. 😀
/thread. Finally.

Trying to convince my old university to open-source their eduroam wifi setup app.

> You can just download the apk here...


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Milestone reached: Made the kind of people who read breitbart upset enough that breitbart made an article about it

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Our local user-group today was great. Since it's holiday season, we had a bit fewer visitors, but that gave us a chance to have a lot of engaging indepth conversations and hands on experiences about topics like:
* verifying our binaries
* lineage device support
* /e/
* F-Droid configuration
* etc.

This time @metalab was very hospitable. (No jackhammering :awesome:). Our live demos also worked surprisingly well, thanks to . I'm really looking forward to the next one.

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"May I kiss you?" the android asked.
"Can't you tell?"
"I can analyse your expression, your breathing, temperature and more, and conclude you want me to."
"There you go."
"But that is me telling me you want me to. I need to hear you tell me you want me to."
"Kiss me!"
They did.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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Sehr schöner Auftakt für unseren #FairApps Markt im ZK/U in Moabit.

50-60 Gespräche, 3x F-Droid, 1x MetaGERApp installiert und viele "Befreie Dein Android" @fsfe und "privacy is key" @cryptoparty_berlin Flyer verteilt.

Danke an den engagierten Besuch, der uns mit Fachwissen unterstützt hat! :bongoCat:


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Did not expect to see @fdroidorg in a presentation by Google, but this guy from Google Play Protect had it in his slides as an example from where they get apks to analyze in order to find malware.

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Fantastic! A free and open for all appointment finding tool (Doodle) that stores nothing and is data protection friendly from @Digitalcourage and based on @Framasoft

Try it:

Or via Tor:

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I'm on a panel discussion at Berlin next Monday: www-de-droidcon-com.filesusr.c

(I think direct linking doesn't work 🙄)

The panel is 11 am, the topic is:

> Play Store & App store policy experiences

Having never used the play store, neither as a user, nor developer, I feel fully qualified to give my opinion on this 😂 .

Voucher code here actually means free entry to the entire 3 day event which at this moment would cost 450€ 🙈 .

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I still got a voucher code for droidcon Berlin, which is 1st - 3rd July, i.e. next week.

If anyone from the /FOSS Android world wants it, feel free to send me a message.

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