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Found an interesting statistic:

So, yes most people here would actually consider a address as an outlier/somewhat of an odd thing.

Apparently the situation looks *very* different in other countries. 😕

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We are adding options to NeoChat! Look at this fancy blur.

I've now added a few rooms to my matrix server room directory. These aren't all rooms I joined but the ones that I'm most likely participating in. (So you could take it as a kind of endorsement of the project *and* community of these rooms.) I might still be missing a few 😇 .

@sheogorath explains on how you can take a look at my directory, regardless of which matrix server you have your account on:

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A poll (my first!). Is Google your email provider? I just want to get a general feeling how much of a monopoly it is in a relatively tech-savvy world of Mastodon.

Boosts are welcome!

a) Firefox https only mode ( is great and you should use it.

b) why does firefox mobile/fenix not yet support it? 😢

Here's the tracking issue:

Hopefully soon.

This protects your even rouge server admins on other servers from interfering with your rooms moderation policy.

In light of the recent thing going on, this seems like a good thing to keep in mind.

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Why the custom powerlevel stuff?

Granting a user on another homeserver permissions in your room effectively also grants the same permissions to admins of that homeserver.

It's usually documented that you need moderator rights in a room to add that room to your homeservers directory, but synapse only requires the one specific canonicalalias permission, so via the custom PL requirement you can only grant this, and only temporarily.

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This also works for every other matrix server with a public room dir of course.
I.e. I also added it to the server's room directory.

@sheogorath also has an article about matrix room directories in general and how to add other's server room dirs to your client:

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5. Toggle the switch "Publish this room to the public in's room directory?" in the room settings. (you need the permission mentioned above for that)
6. You can reset your's power level back to 0
7. You can also leave the room again but note: there need's to be at least one user in the room, otherwise the room dir entry will disappear again.

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I finally figured out how to add my matrix rooms to the server's room dir for greater discoverability. It's not a great workflow, but here's how to do that safely, if you are on a different homeserver:

1. You'll need a account, a throwaway one will do it.
2. Join the room you want to add with that account
3. Set the permission to custom level 10
4. grant your user that custom level

Don't get me wrong this is a small, hobby project. I don't expect hundreds of people being interested in it and maybe there just aren't any more people around interested enough to open issues/comment, etc. That's fine :).

I'm just wondering if it would look differently *if* it were hosted on github.

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I was wondering if significantly less people are likely to contribute to i.e. F-Droid Classic because it's home is not on github (or or to a lesser degree).

It's home is over here:

I believe a total amount of 2 people participated in the issue discussions so far since I moved it away from about a year ago.

One improvement I'm likely to add is allow sign-in with codeberg (in addition to, I wonder if that helps.

Firefox got a new UI overhaul. Saw a huge thread on HN where people were complaining about it yesterday (by just looking at screenshots mostly I think).

Got the update today. Was unfamiliar for about 10 minutes then I stopped noticing. I call that a win! 🤷

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This summer I plan to do completely normal things such as reading Google Fuchsia source code.

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Gemeinsam mit dem AISEC hat das BSI gängige Open Source FIDO-Token zur 2-Faktor-Authentisierung analysiert. Alle Produkte hatten zum Teil gravierende Schwachstellen, die gemeinsam mit den Herstellern zum Großteil bereits geschlossen wurden. Nutzer sollten Security Advisories prüfen und Updates einspielen! Durch #Zertifizierung hätten viele Schwachstellen frühzeitig entdeckt werden können.
#SichereHalbleiterTechnologien #BSI #DeutschlandDigitalSicherBSI

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Do you 💙 Codeberg?
We do not offer pro accounts, yet we need funds for the operation of the platform.
If you want to support our work, please consider a donation or joining the non-profit Codeberg association which also allows you to take part in decisions of the project.
Thank you!

Hab mal neugestartet. Jetzt geht auch die About Seite wieder 😅.

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