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All too relevant right now, this is a depressing game about climate change and global policy making.

You are appointed as some sort of global climate minister and charged with "fixing" it. Spoilers: It's really hard!

The game is not perfect in presenting all the complex interconnections of things, which sometimes makes it very frustrating when you just can't understand why your policies don't work. I still highly recommend trying it out.

The always brilliant Lucas Pope wrote about how he brought 'Paper's, Please' to mobile phones:

It's a very interesting dev-log again. You can think along "How would I have tried to solve these things, given those contraints."

I also quite enjoyed the previous one about localizing papers, please:


I played this quite a few years ago but just realized that it has a similar idea to Obra Dinn. You are investigating the mysterious disappearance of a space ship after it has been found years later.

I don't actually remember much of the story now, which means I should probably replay it. I do remember enjoying it a lot.

The game comes with a bibliography for further reading, can we have more of these? 😍

This is one of the strongest pieces of writing I've read in a very long time:

Nevermind that it's about a game I don't really have any interest in. The article is about so much more than the game.


Thea is hard to describe. It somewhat captures the gameplay of the very early rounds Civ. You have one village the whole game and can send people to explore the map. There's also a card-based combat (and other challenge) system as well as an overarching storyline.

Additionally it has some rouge-like elements, you unlock stuff after completing each game. The individual rounds are very long for that though. They can very well take 10+ hours. is currently giving away Thea 2:

I haven't played this yet, only the first, which was really great.

(The reviews say that Thea 2 is a bit of a miss, but hey, it's free right now.)

- BABA IS YOU - is a puzzle game where you solve levels by changing the rules of the game.

Apart from the easy early levels every level at first seems impossible. Until you stare at it long enough where it becomes trivial to solve and you can move on to the next :).


Another very good, short puzzle adventure game I played yesterday.

The story is only really told with a few flashback pictures but it got very, very emotional. There might have been crying at the end.

The game also managed to wrap up before the few mechanics it has had any chance to overstay their welcome. It took about 1.5 hours or so to complete.

- PILGIRMS - is a super short (about 1h) but really fun adventure by Amanita Design.

There's a few different ways to complete some objectives, but in general you'll be done with it quite soon (I like short games you can actually complete for once! :))

is really, really great (the writing, the world, the visuals, even just the character stats, just all of it is a joy).

Unfortunately it crashed today and lost 3.5h of progress, let's hope I can get back into it... :(

It's a top down RPG without any fighting mechanics but every skill influences the narrative; and significantly so.

You are almost playing an entirely different game by choosing a different starting character.

I can recommend the currently running Humble digital board games bundle:

You get a lot of very good board games to try or play online for cheap.

It's fully reassembled and afaict everything works again.

iFixit gave it an 8/10 repairability score, which I'd agree with. The only annoying part was that I needed to order a special long-necked T6 bit for the first 2 screws in the handles.

You'll definitely need a good guide, it's not at all intuitive what to unscrew in which order, but if you have that it's easy to disassemble and reassemble it in about 15 minutes.

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This is a fun one. It's some classic CRPG tactical combat but with a pretty unique story and party/crafting system.

Your 3 NPC companions all suck at fighting. Instead they focus on scavenging stuff and repurposing it into a weapon, a useful item or a useful ally. Everything you find will be one of these three things no matter what.

The characters are unique and charming. The writing is excellent. The graphics are... well, it has graphics 🙃.


This is IMO one of the best tower defence games I've ever played. The original version is from 2012 but it got remastered in 2016.

Apart from really decent TD mechanics, Defender's Quest actually features a great story. All of your different "towers" are character from your party who all have quirky and lovable personalities. Your characters also level up and you can buy equipment for them etc.


This is Lucas Pope's previous game (before Obra Dinn).
Superficially the game is about checking passports as an immigration agent in the country of Arstotzka. But it's also a game of bribery, political intrigue, broken people and keeping your family alive.

As with Obra Dinn, the soundtrack is excellent as well:


One of my absolutely favourite games from last year.

It's like some form of murder mystery only that you need to discover the fate of the 60-strong crew of the Obra Dinn.

Screenshots don't really do the game justice (it looks way better in motion and the aesthetics fit the game quite well). And who'd think it would be fun playing an insurance investigator 🙃.

It's really addictive and I wish I could play it again without knowing anything.

Here's another hardware project besides the Steam Deck that I'm excited for:

The Play Date Handheld Console:

* It has a crank and will feature games specifically designed around that.

* Lucas Pope is making a game for it.

* You can easily make games for it yourself. 🎉


This is some sort of puzzle city builder, where you try to arrange buildings on an island in an optimal fashion. You start with just 3 buildings in your hand and can get new ones by reaching a point threshold. Continue until you run out or can move on to the next island. It's pretty simple and yet captivating for a couple of hours.

I very much preferred this over "Dorfromantik", which I ended up refunding after 30 minutes of trying it out, YMMW 🤷.

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