To all of you attending to the and bringing their loved ones.

Please do consider. We do not provide any professional childcare!

Though we do have medical and security services for the whole campsite. In case of doubt they do only act afterwards.

Please take care of you and your group, neighbours, kids, teens and any another intergalactic entity to enjoy a peaceful camp.

Care & respect. ❤️

Kindly yours Kidspace team.


If one organizes a village & kitchen for 300 people, tents and a pizzaoven, then some information is getting lost.

Thank you!

@C3Kidspace I know. I just added myself and my 2 sons to the community kitchen wiki table although the deadline has passed. Will there be food for us?


I can't promise. We had to plan food for all which have registered. So in doubt bring your own stuff and we will see. In the end these plannings are not about to see anyone to get starved. ;)

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