JAXA is asking for help from ham radio operators for its upcoming OMOTENASHI lunar mission.
Part of the mission involves landing a tiny surface probe on the moon. Most of the crafts telemetry will be send in the 70cm band and JAXA Ham Radio Club would really appreciate your help in recording as much of it as possible.

Check out their homepage for more details:

If you prefer students launching a rocket they build themselves over rich people going to space for for fun, check out the Stratos IV launch livestream by Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering.


Important Update: Due to obvious reasons we were forced to replace our communication infrastructure.

Our new IRC-channel is now on irc.libera.chat

The matrix channel :matrix.org is already bridged to the new IRC-channel.

Our friends over at the ask for your support for their Libre Space Manifesto.
Check it out at manifesto.libre.space/

Sign and share it if you think all people should have access to outer space, space technologies, and space data.

The SSTV Flut will now display any SSTV images send to us via 433.400Mhz in PD120.

You should be near our assembly (36c3.c3nav.de/l/c3space/@0,446) for the best results.


Okay I'll consider it confirmed now:
from 8:45 UTC on February 15 until 17:25 UTC on February 17
PD120 on 145.800 MHz


Have a fun weekend everyone !


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Urgent Call: All Power To The ISS!

TLDR: If you are capable of transmitting up to the ISS with > 30dBW EIRP on 70cm, the experiment needs your help.


PSA: Due to the shutdown of the hackint matrix bridge our primary communication channel has been migrated to freenode.

IRC: on irc.freenode.net

Matrix: :matrix.org, try matrix.to/#/!LcdZSGllxqeQISyXU

Some interesting events inside "OIO workshop domo" (Open Infrastructure Orbit tent) if you are interested in space comms:

Day 2 2000-2100 CET: @SatNOGS meeting (AOS)
Day 3 1400-1600 CET: @SatNOGS meeting (TCA)
Day 4 tbd: optional @SatNOGS meeting (LOS)

The Deep Space uLounge©®™ at !@C3SpaceCentre now features the only sofa at with a view from 400km altitude.

Also if you want to build your own station, but you don't have the budget/time/skills/space for the full rotor setup:
Come talk to me at the !@C3SpaceCentre assembly during the . I'll bring a rotorless station that can be build for less than 100€ to the congress.

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