erwinkooi: What does hackerspace @hack42 do when it has its 11th anniversary? Yep, mint its own postage stamps...

Inbox for is now closed. In summary: 151 messages to 22 TLDs. Most popular motives: "R2R #1": 35, "R2R #3": 26, "R2R #4": 23. There were 4 rejected messages and a single bounce.

Zur Info: Das Online-Office bleibt noch bis heute Abend (06.04.) 20:00 Uhr zum Schreiben geöffnet.

FYI: The Online-Office will be open for submissions until 20:00+02:00 today (6th of April).

Das geht zwar erst morgen los, unser Online Office hat aber jetzt schon für euch geöffnet. Schreibt ein paar virtuelle Postkarten!

While only starts tomorrow our online office is open right now. Come write some virtual postcards!

might be over but we're not quite done. We've just added a new postcard design of the 3d World lobby to the online office (via @tiefpunkt ). The Online Office at will remain open until at least 12:00+01:00 on January the 1st (tomorrow!). ^tr

The @c3cert has build a nice virtual postcard wall displaying postcards you've sent them using our new "named recipient" feature at - maybe send them something nice for doing good work via our online office at .

The Chaos Post Online Office is now open for . You can find it at - Come send some postcard.

Chaos Post Delivery - Twitter Division stellt seinen Dienst ein für . Wir sehen uns beim nächsten Mail!

@f2k1de Hallo, wir haben ChaosPost für dich. Wie können dich unsere Postengel erreichen auf dem ?

@rixx @paddy @wilkis Hello, we got ChaosPost for you. How can our PostAngels reach you at ? – a Fediverse instance for & by the Chaos community